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Mochi project: the dream of your own backpack

A group of solidarity Mendoza heads the Mochi Project. The goal is to unite those who have to find those who need it.

Solidarity fingerprint

Project Mochi emerged 4 years ago, with a group of friends, taking mate. They are the bridge between those who have to give and those who really need others. Fabiana comments that they cracked it: “Too bad there are kids who don't have to start classes, like our children”. And they started the move trying to collect 50 backpacks armed with supplies, contacting friends and people who wanted to help.

Then the younger ones listened to them, made a flyer and Everything got bigger. The first year ended delivering 1300 backpacks. With a lot of logistics and learning about the march. Now they are helped by their daughters with technology and social networks. “ At this time we assign a child to every person who wants to give away a backpack,”they explain.


“ The first thing we do at Proyecto Mochi is to contact us with schools to give us a list of children who really do they need. There are marginal urban schools, shelters and all kinds. Later we are looking for people who want to donate a backpack with everything ready for the beginning of classes. I tell the person what guy he touched, with name, age and all his information. We give you a suggestive list of tools,” describes Fabiana.

This year's goal is 5,000 backpacks. They ask for the collaboration of people, not only to donate, but also to spread the idea and that those who want to join, as several have already done: “We never imagined so much interest on the part of people, of school leaders. They give us the list on November 30.”


Solidarity without limits

But solidarity has no limits and sometimes it is surprise with what makes up each backpack: “People add amazing things to the lists. Uniforms, gym equipment or bicycles. And the face of the Guys when they get it is priceless.”

Mochi Project works with 85 schools across the province that, in some cases, not only do not have the money, but often have nowhere to buy because they are schools far away.

“ We assign by WhatsApp and by Facebook. Currently we are almost 2500 and we have time to assign boys until January 30th. Then, from January 20 to February 10, the reception of the backpacks begins at the more than 20 points of Mochi Project throughout the province .

Publication Date: 13/02/2020

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