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Masks for superheroes

A group of young people from Olavarría, Buenos Aires, manufactures protective masks for health personnel with 3D printers.
Solidarity fingerprint
| 28 March, 2020 |

We Argentines have many flaws, but many more virtues. The harder everything is, the stronger our spirit of solidarity is reborn. With the advance of COVID-19, many are wondering what they can do to give a hand, as well as staying at home. In Olavarría (Buenos Aires), a group of young people found the answer: they are manufacturing protective masks for the health personnel of the municipal hospital.

With the support of the Municipality and the Social Innovation Club of Olavarría, these young people were able to achieve their goal. First, they chose the best mask option, which was sent to the hospital for testing. From there they got the ok and asked for 1000 masks. The next step was to collect the material, which was ceded by the community: kiosks, bookstores and hardware stores donated elastics, glue and EVA.

Then we had to get to work. They made a massive dissemination of the initiative to contact local printers. Of 48 volunteers, they chose 30 and each one was sent a kilo of material to make 30 impressions.

None of them go out of their homes: the distribution logistics is in charge of the Municipality, the Police and the Army. Then the hospital assigns the masks to the staff and any that requires it.

This solidarity movement has already generated a wave of repercussions, so those at the forefront of the project shared their method of work to replicate in other cities.

From this we all come together, with empathy and solidarity as weapons.

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