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Many Foundation: charitable souls to the rescue

The women who make up the Muchas Foundation put their charitable souls in the charity of the most needy.

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Fundación Muchas

With a clear project in mind, the Muchas Mujeres Solidarias Foundation (Mujeres Chaqueñas Solidarias) helps the picnic and dining rooms of Resistencia, in Chaco. These charitable  souls  give everything of themselves so that the most needy have elements of personal protection, hygiene and non-perishable food.

More than thirty picnic areas have been visited by these women with great  heart . Elida Cuesta is the one who takes the reins of the Muchas Foundation. This was born with the aim of helping low-income people who are able to improve their living conditions. With such difficult times we shouldn't look to the side. The current virus has left many families out of work, with no chance of having a plate of food on the table every day. Cuesta explained to the local press that resistencia felt the impact of the pandemic leaving the majority of its inhabitants in bad situations. He also added that it is vital to help the Chaco brothers, reach out to them and get them to have a plate of food.

Another fundamental aspect for the foundation is to provide  elements  of personal protection to people. This is due to the pandemic and prevention of infection. That is why they deliver cheebos, alcohol among other objects of cleaning and personal hygiene such as soaps. Many also offer awareness talks about how to take care of yourself to prevent the spread of the virus and possible infection.

Many Foundation


 The gratitude of the picnic 

Expressing the gratitude of the picnic and dining rooms for receiving the  help  of these solidarity women is something that denotes happiness in those who manage such establishments. From the snack bar Deportivo Ferré, Noelia Farré told the local media the satisfaction, joy and infinite gratitude towards the foundation. He stressed how necessary aid is in these times of health emergency and how children need containment.

Another of the picnic that received donations from Many was the Lion of Judah. Its coordinator, Alejandro Correa, told the local press, that living such a critical moment is really difficult to manage the necessary resources but, thanks to them, solidarity women, such action was achieved. For him, the aid received was vital, because the picnic was completely standing without merchandise or being able to offer food to the families. He highlighted the high need that the community is going on right now and it is our duty to provide them with our  assistance .

These places are just a sample of what many have traveled along the capital neighborhoods and surroundings. The foundation visited the Rainbow picnic, Don Julian, Active Volunteers, United Workers, God is Faithful and Workshop of Dreams. This 2021 plan to extend the list beyond its limits. The need is a lot, it is felt in the Chaco zone at every step taken, so it is an endless solidarity task.

The main coordinator of the foundation, Elida Cuesta, highlighted to the local media how essential it is to mobilize for the self-management of the neighbors. He emphasized the role that the community must play, to help those living in their neighborhoods, not to leave them alone in times of need. He stressed, finally, that all the assistants of picnic and dining rooms, work on a lung. They are people with a great supportive heart, with great empathy for their neighbors, for children, older adults and whole families.

Many are a lifestyle of these great women in solidarity. Every day they struggle to help those who help, if possible, in as many places. The foundation invites to join all those people to lend a hand in any way possible regardless of flag or political condition. To contribute you can contact them on their social networks: on Instagram like @somos .many; on Twitter @somos_muchas. They can also contact their 364-4222790 or 362-4244799 cell phones.

Publication Date: 27/02/2021

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By: Clau Pas 27 February, 2021

Buenísimo el laburo de estás mujeres!!! Lo que el Estado no hace hay siempre gente q le pone el hombro al país.

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