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The lives of four families will change thanks to the assistance dogs of the Eukanuba - Bocalán program

With this delivery there are already 22 dogs that are part of the friendly program that promotes the food brand Eukanuba.

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Eukanuba®, a leading  brand  in pet food belonging to MARS, and Bocalán Argentina, with the support of Pets of the City, made the sixth installment of assistance dogs  where 4 families received the new canine member who will change their lives.

For six years,  through the Extraordinary Dogs program, Eukanuba®   has been collaborating with the work of Bocalán Argentina  . Through the lifelong feeding of dogs involved in this project. Thanks to this work,  families of children with autism and people with reduced mobility, can receive an assistance dog free of charge. That allows them to improve their lives through greater autonomy and  inclusion  .

 “ We are proud to remain part of this program that year after year changes the lives of many families. And it is constantly evolving by reaffirming our commitment to the community. We live the project every day since we propose to our associates to be socializing families. And they share the breeding of dogs in our pet friendly offices.”  Commented Mauro Williams, Corporate Affairs Manager at MARS Southern Cone.

In this edition, the protagonists were Melba, Preto, Ragnar and Zeuz trained as Service Dogs for  Children  with Autism. All of them finished the training and docking stage with their users. And from this delivery they will live with their new families to provide autonomy, emotional support. And make it easier for them to socialize.

 “ Today, after having delivered 22 dogs, I still get excited to see the progress and growth that puppies go through as the whole training process is taking place.  ” said Margarita Ziade, Director of Bocalán.

“  Pets  play a very important role in each family. We develop actions, adoption days and public policies. To improve the coexistence of pets with neighbors .” Eduardo Macchiavelli, Minister of Environment and Public Space, said.

With this delivery there are already 22 dogs that are part of the Program. And they help to significantly improve the quality of life and social integration of people with physical disabilities and children with autism. They help them on specific issues such as guiding them on the street, hitting their keys, helping them dress and reassuring them.

In addition, there are currently six dogs who are preparing for this challenge. Going through the previous stage where they interact with socialization families. The goal is to grow in an environment rich in stimuli, with sounds, smells, and textures.

Including them also in the home routine, along with people of different sex and ages, and other animals. In addition, each family has direct contact with a coach and receives their periodic visit to check the evolution of the puppy. And, for two months they attend a training school. Where they learn basic commands such as “sitting”, “cast” and “together”.

 5 types of service dogs and what they do 

Dogs have been at the service of humans for a long time. So much so that there is a very wide variety of “jobs” that our furry friends do to help humans. The best known of service dogs will surely be the guide dog, but here we detail several more that maybe you did not know.

Guide dogs

As we said this type of dog is best known within service dogs. The role of the guide dog is, as the name implies, to guide a blind or visually impaired person. This means having to help their manipulators overcome obstacles, transit on public roads, and climb or down stairs.

Seizure alert dogs

It has not yet been clearly determined how dogs manage to detect the imminence of a seizure, but the reality is that they do. And they're very effective. These dogs are trained to recognize signs prior to a seizure and act accordingly to protect the person in their care.

Diabetes Alert Dogs

Thanks to their very sharp sense of smell, dogs are able to detect chemical changes in blood sugar. For people with diabetes, this means that they can be alerted about blood sugar drops before they reach dangerous levels, and if they experience a critical drop, others may be alerted.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Mobility assistance dogs perform invaluable tasks for people with damaged motor functions, in particular people who are in wheelchairs. They can do everything from climbing the wheelchair ramps to pressing the elevator buttons, and they are often responsible for helping their handlers with many of the day-to-day actions that many of us take for granted.

Autism Support Dogs

While autism is not a physical disability, autism support dogs play an important role in maintaining the well-being of their caregivers. The tasks they perform have more to do, in this case, with helping in the socialization and trust of their caregivers and not so much with helping them in motor issues. Perhaps most importantly, autism support dogs provide fellowship and support without judgment to autistic people who may have difficulty connecting with other humans.

Publication Date: 01/09/2018

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