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Garrahan Hospital opens a new vaccination center, the largest in the country

The project was realized thanks to funds provided by the Garrahan Foundation.

The  Juan Garrahan pediatric hospital  will open the doors of a new  vaccination , the largest within a health center in the country, with an area of 256 square meters that “will increase by 30 per one hundred attention and will generate greater safety in the prevention of diseases,” the authorities announced. “It is the largest vaccination in the country with direct access from the street. This will give greater security to the kids we care for, some immunosuppressed, and healthy people who won't have to go through the entire hospital to get vaccinated. From operational and security is frontline,” Garrahan's board president Carlos Kambourian told Telam. For her part, the head of Infectology of the  hospital , Rosa Bologna, stressed that this new center will have greater capacity with 256 square meters in comparison with the previous one, 33 square meters. “Vaccinators will be able to attend from each of the six offices, before they worked two per stretcher, and we expect to exceed by 30 percent the care, which this year was around 51 thousand vaccines applied,” Bologna said. He also stressed that the new health space will provide better technical and monitoring conditions, with a doctor's office that will advise on the possible effects of vaccines on certain patients.

The Garrahan vaccination center responds to the new vaccination law, passed on December 5, which declared it in national interest. “In the context of the new law, this bill will encourage it to be accessible to get vaccinated, because perhaps people did not know there was a vaccination in Garrahan,” said Kambourian, who clarified that initially it will focus on the attention “of children and the public at risk, for for example, pregnant women, and in the future we will include the rest of the adults.” The project of the center was created 5 years ago and was realized thanks to funds provided by the Garrahan Foundation and those provided in the hospital budget for a total value of 20 million pesos. The site will have highly trained vaccine management personnel for healthy children with basic diseases that require a special calendar and will also serve family groups of  patients . In addition, it will have a green space and a dry square at its entrance, plus a spacious, bright waiting room that is “friendly” for the boys.There will be special areas for the storage of vaccines with tank for material, another exclusive for refrigerators that will store vaccines, another for waste with exit to the outside, offices for nurses and medical coordinators, as well as a traveling team that will travel daily to the hospital to vaccinate children in boarding.

Source: Telam

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