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Fundación Many: we help

This noble action has as protagonists a group of women from Chaco. The Many Foundation helps not only children, but also entire families.

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Fundación Muchas

 The Muchas Foundation , led by Chaqueño women, and chaired by Elida Cuesta , since the beginning of the pandemic, runs through the neighborhoods of the capital of  Chaco  delivering barbijos, hygiene and non-perishable food to picnic and dining rooms.With the  #AyudemosAAyudar campaign, the solidarity foundation, until September, carried more than 30 picnic tours throughout the city, raising awareness about the importance of care to prevent the contagion of coronavirus, as well as the use of barbs.

In this sense,  Cuesta  thanked all the people and traders who have approached the Foundation or communicated to make their donations in the face of the difficult moment we are going through. “We are living through difficult times and those who can help should not look to the side, unfortunately this virus complicated the economic possibilities of many chaco people who today find it difficult to bring a plate of food to their home, and that is why we should be  to  reach out to our brothers who are having a hard time,” said the headline of Many.

He also advised and reminded about the care that we should all have to prevent contagions. “It is essential that we become aware of the precautions we must have, taking care of each other is the best way to overcome this bad time. We, thanks to the solidarity contribution of many people, can deliver barbs and hygiene elements to raise awareness of children, although we are pleased to see that many of them are very aware of what we are experiencing,” he said.

For her part,  Noelia Farré , member of  the Lunch Club Deportivo  Ferré, expressed her gratitude and satisfaction for the products obtained and, in turn, stressed that, despite the health situation that is going through, the Foundation was able to approach and “give their bit so that boys and girls can continue to count on a snack that is often the last food of the day”. He also emphasized that this contribution is “part of the containment that many children receive in these times,” he added.

 The Many Foundation also toured the Lion de Judah picnic, in this sense, its coordinator, Alejandro Correa, indicated that it is a critical moment when managing resources is very difficult and that is why he highlighted the solidarity and selfless action of Chaco women in solidarity. “We are very favored by this help, because we were totally standing without merchandise to feed many families that are not having a good time, because there is a lot of need and food is paramount,” he said.

Under     #AyudemosAAyudar  , Viviana Glibota, member of the foundation, encouraged all Chaco people to join the campaign and assured that “all help is important, so we invite everyone who wants to add their bit to communicate with us at our Instagram networks: @somos .muchas, Twitter: @somos_muchas, Facebook: “Many”, or our phones: 364-4222790 and 362-4244799”.

Finally,  Cuesta  explained how they work in the foundation. “We all work on the lung, serving not only children, but also older adults and even whole families who cannot access a plate of food daily. This is why we continue to ask everyone to collaborate with anything, everything is welcome and serves to help those who need the most,” said the headline of Many.

It should be noted that, for  Cuesta , the self-management of the neighbors is fundamental to be able to make the needs visible and, in this way, to be able to provide assistance to many people. In recent months, many people will be able to help them  .young people  have committed themselves to this noble cause. “We have to work together, as we are going through a very difficult stage because of the consequences of this pandemic, and the lack of work is leaving many families without a plate of food,” he concluded.

Publication Date: 06/11/2020

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