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Flash of solidarity: a photo, a donation

A solidarity event lands in the city of Resistencia, Chaco, where about 20 local photographers seek to respond to the distressing situation experienced by the flood.

Solidarity fingerprint
Fotografos solidarios chaco

These light and shadow professionals discovered thatan image is worth more than a thousand speeches and that an idea solves hunger without ado. Thus, the great adventure arose of donating the trade for a whole day and that the proceeds are donated to a picnic in the city of Barranqueras.

The solidarity event, called the Meeting of Solidarity Photographers, will be held on May 19 at the facilities of the Alternative Cultural Center (CECUAL),located in Santa María de Oro 471, in the city of Resistencia, from 14 to 20.

The solidarity initiative is in charge of the photographer Lourdes Bahia and will be carried out with the collaboration of 20 local professional photographers who will donate a photo session to the volunteer audience present. The great artistic move aims to help La Esperanza picnic in the city of Barranqueras, which assists people affected by the latest floods in our region.

The photographers present will provide their work, experience and equipment for the realization of photo sessions for those present. In exchange for this service, those who want to pose before the lens of professionals must provide non-perishable food, clothing, footwear, bed coats or cleaning elements. The

important thing is to bet on a great solidarity movethat can respond to the most urgent needs of hundreds of families who today suffer a critical water emergency in which they live: homeless, without shelter and without food.

The greatness of a society is to know that, while a general situation may be affecting everyone, in some it deepensa lot more, and to have a helping hand at the moment is the wisest, the most valuable and what will undoubtedly lessen the rift of injustices.

So everyone is invited to be part of a valuable act of solidarity, in this case for the Merendero La Esperanza, a beautiful space that provides dinner to people lacking in this city and its surroundings. Although the assistance to this picnic area is constant, the current situation exacerbates the need, due to the number of people who literally lost everything to floods, especially in coastal areas such as the city of Barranqueras.

The solidarity event will feature ambient music throughout the day and some performances and artistic interventions. The meeting and holding of this event will be the Alternative Cultural Center (CECUAL), which depends on the Institute of Culture of Chaco. The organization pointed out that “the goal is to help those who need the most, to give a shelter to those who are cold and a smile to children with economic needs.”

In this sense, photographers involved in the meeting openly invite models and designers to participate, as they will have the possibility of making professional books for dissemination with great photographers. It should be noted that the event is aimed at all the public and that, according to the themes and formats, the organization clarified that “you can take family photos, of your children, pets or individuals, be you musician, artist, model, singer, etc., which is why everyone is invited to participate in the activities enjoying outdoor music and the bar on the Cecual site,” they said.

Regarding the delivery of the photos, they said that “they will be delivered in digital format and the photographers themselves will be in charge of giving the work done to their respective participants”.

For those who wish to participate or learn more about the event, as well as to collaborate selflessly, please contact 3624537325.

Source: Diario Norte

Publication Date: 07/05/2019

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