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We tell you about the work done by the foundation Por Igual Mos, an organization that is responsible for disseminating and generating content around different topics.

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Por Igual Mmás arises from the collective work of a group of people interested in connecting different nuclei that work for and for inclusion.The premise that a just world is possible is the fuel of this foundation that is responsible for generating content for and by people with disabilities.This organization aims to occupy spaces that are deprived of persons with disabilities . Generate a dispute in the media and in all areas so that these groups, which are mistakenly referred to as “minority”, have a voice. To question and re-establish the notion of “minority” and for the “minorities” we have in our society. To demonstrate that the collective of people with functional diversity is present and deserves a space in all areas.

Po Igual MAS “works to provide communication, education and legal tools for the social inclusion of people with disabilities (PCD) from Córdoba (Argentina) for the rest of Latin America”. The dissemination and awareness activities carried out by this group of professionals are of great importance . Since the first step in generating a world where all worlds fit is to hear different voices with their needs. It is giving up spaces of power so that new speeches circulate. It is that the different groups manage to talk about their own needs in the first person. No spokespersons, no intermediaries. It is beginning to listen to demands and enforce the systematically violated rights of different communities. In the case of Equal More, an attempt is made to pay off the debt owed to persons with disabilities.

Mathematics from the beginning

This project was created in 2009, by Ana Argento Nasser. It was conceived through an extension project that was named “Culture for All: Social Inclusion Project” in 2008. Gradually, a network of disseminationwas created, which today includes more than sixty peoplethroughout the country. The range of action of this foundation is wide and covers several areas. The main objective is to ensure that all areas are occupied and equipped for persons with disabilities.

What's striking about this organization is that it works together with the recipients and all their families. This allows them to perform a holistic work through which they grow more and more, and profound changes are generated in society. Peer Equal Mus is a Christian foundation that spreads the word of God and relies heavily on religion. The values inculcated by the poregalists have a lot to do with education and faith.

The result

The professionals who are at the service of this foundation are responsible for providing training sessions on disability to different bodies. Not only to people interested in the subject, but also to companies that need to improve accessibility. Starting from the idea that a better world is built from the active listening of all voices.In turn, they produce, edit and seek “up-to-date information on accessibility and social inclusion in different fields: education, new technologies, sport, laws, art, recreation (films, magazines and books), tourism, employment, courses and training”. This proposal generates controversial changes . The importance of inclusive policies lies in their expansion and compliance in all areas. So that all people have equal access to all rights.That is why occupying spaces that were never occupied by people with disabilities is key to creating a new society .

The only way to have a fair country is to take into account all the rights of people. Inclusion policies would not be necessary if the world we inhabit were not exclusive.

Publication Date: 17/07/2020

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