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#Copate: Food Bank milk collection

In May, the Banco de Alimentos Córdoba Foundation organizes its traditional milk collection, involving educational institutions, companies and other organizations.

Solidarity fingerprint

 Córdoba Food Bank  launched its 2019 milk collection  on Thursday, which aims to generate solidarity actions throughout May in schools, institutes, clubs, companies and other public and private organizations in the city. With the hashtag #LaColectaDelBanco, the foundation set out to collect powdered milk and long life, to distribute it to the 216 beneficiary social organizations (community canteens, picnic facilities, school supports, homes, community centers, cradles, day and rehabilitation centers, day care centers and other organizations).

 Since 2006, the Bank has been organizing this campaign , which in 2018 had the participation of more than 100 institutions and managed to collect 14,251 kg of milk, between powdered milk and long life.  These figures represent a record number of participating organizations and collection.

“Every year,  #LaColectadelBanco seeks to overcome itself so that Cordoba children have access to healthy eating . For a campaign with a social purpose to go well, we need hands that add up and contribute. We're looking for people committed, supportive, good vibes. That's why this year's motto is Copate!, collaborating for those who need us most. We hope to count on your support and make among all a more supportive Cordoba,” they explained from the Food Bank Foundation.

 Why milk? 

“ Milk is a vital food for children's development . Seventy percent of the beneficiaries assisted by the foundation are children from zero to 12 years old, and belong to vulnerable sectors,” they emphasized from the organization.

The Food Bank has among its  objectives “to ensure the consumption of milk among minors, to ensure proper nutrition and therefore adequate development” .

 Who can participate? 

From the agency they summoned educational institutions of any level, companies, clubs or other type of social organization.

Each institution is offered as a food collector, inviting all its contacts to bring powdered milk or long life to its headquarters. He has full freedom to organize and disseminate the action, throughout the month, or on a special date.
After the end of May, the Banco de Alimentos Foundation collects the donations collected. Subsequently, the delivery is made and a distribution report (traceability) is issued to each donor, to provide greater transparency in the process.

  •  Universidad Nacional de Córdoba , Office of Student Social Engagement (CSE), Argentine Pavilion, right wing 1st Floor Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 hs.
  •  Catholic University of Córdoba , Pastoral Area. Headquarters center: Obispo Trejo 323. Campus Headquarters: Avenida Armada Argentina 3555.
  •  Siglo21 University , Sustainability Center. New Cordoba Headquarters: Ituzaingó 484. Campus Headquarters: De los Latinos 8555, Los Boulevares.
  •  Mondelez office at Córdoba: Rodríguez del Busto 4086, Dinosaurio Office Mall.
  •  Club Atletico Belgrano , institutional relations area, Arturo Orgaz 550, Alberdi.
  •  Club La Tablada , Mill de Torres 5301 — Villa Warcalde.

You can also donate online, buying a liter of milk ($50). Buy 

Publication Date: 14/05/2019

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