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#ContáConNosotros: a network to assist the most vulnerable

The National University of Río Negro created a network of volunteers to assist older adults during the quarantine. We tell you what it is.

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The Extension area of the National University of Rio Negro (UNRN) began to enroll volunteers with the purpose of linking them with over 60 years of age. Volunteers are students, teachers and non-professors of the University. The initiative aims to assist in shopping, carrying out procedures or simply accompany  our grandparents  remotely while they remain isolated during the  quarantine . This accompaniment also results in his advice during these confusing moments.

Those over 60 years of age are one of the most vulnerable segments to the  COVID-19 virus. It is for this reason that grandparents should be kept, as far as possible, out of circulation in a preventive manner. But what about them if they don't have a close relative or neighbor who can help you? The volunteer program, called #ContáConNosotros, is inspired by its slogan: “Social distancing must not become exclusion.”

 Keep in touch with the elderly 

Miriam Rozenek,  a senior specialist , argues that in older adults isolation can be very complicated. That is why it is necessary to talk about physical and non-social isolation. During the quarantine it is necessary not to forget the importance of staying connected with our elders, via phone calls, videoconferencing and social media contact. For this reason, remote accompaniment is one of the most important edges of volunteering of this type.

The programme of the National University of Río Negro has been rapidly disseminated and many elderly people have already used the service, living alone and in need of help with their purchases or arrangements. In some cases, they have also called neighbors or relatives to refer to a grandfather who is isolated.

The role of volunteers can be key during social and preventive isolation. His role seems small, but it is a huge help for the elderly. So they can buy supplies, medicines, pay their bills and, above all, feel that they are not alone.

In case of requiring assistance, older adults can contact Viedma, General Roca, Villa Regina, Bariloche and El Bolsón by  phone or mail  . The call for volunteers among teachers, non-teachers and students of the University is still open.

Publication Date: 15/04/2020

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