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#ConejosSolidarios, that's what we are

Where are we from? From Cordoba Who are we? Solidarity Rabbits! What do we do? In this note we tell you...

Solidarity fingerprint
#ConejosSolidarios, eso es lo que somos

 This is one of the most moving campaigns in the midst of a daunting context.  A proposal that encourages us to help each other and, above all, to consider alien realities. It is a project carried out by  Marianita Asan,  but  supported and solved by thousands of people  . Especially Cordobese and Cordobese.

Morals of the pandemic

Coronavirus, quarantine and related facts made 2020 a year of reflection and change. This situation forced us to  rethink many things.  Among them,  how important we are to each other and the importance of living in a community  . The pandemic will happen, but something is going to be  recorded in our hearts: the love of freedom and helping. As is the  constant need that we have to be connected with each other.  In addition to the  constant revaluation of health above all things.  That is why many initiatives were announced that help the development of children and adults in hospitalization.

Help us all

In this case,  a group of jumping animals decided to carry out a project at the Children's Hospital of the Holy Trinity . The campaign is  focused on your doctors and small patients.  It consists of raising funds to improve the situation of each one. But it is a very particular way: it is  through the sale of products of various kinds. 

Mariana Asa says that  the initial project was to generate a product that could be purchased by those who would like to join and thus finance some key work for the Hospital. The director, Luciano Parietti, had expressed the need for special screens for the separation of the  30 beds where children with different pathologies meet. “ Nothing can fail here, because a second can be everything for a child,” said the Director.

Small contribution, big change

That urgency, that strong experience in which  a second is worth a life , reached Mariana's heart. So he organized this group of Cordobeses  who work together, each contributing his talent. The first intervention was a  capsule collection of t-shirts  that would serve to finance the purchase of these  special screens.  And it was a success ! With the sale of 500 shirts they were able to get the screens and create a more humanized therapy. 

Children, in a short time, were  able to have greater privacy with their parents thanks to the sale of these clothes.  Each of the t-shirts they sold was transformed into small change so that those difficult moments that children travel on a daily basis are lived with the  best resources and amenities. 

The fight continues

 The Solidarity Rabbits began, little by little, to improve the Hospital.  Another intervention by this group of heroes and heroines was that of the  Cordovan artist Claudio Furnier.  Who painted murals along the team in an area of the health center,  filling the walls with color and joy. These rabbits are still  jumping and filling the hospital facilities with energy.  The points of sale are several and you can also add your small contribution with  actions that help spread.  Uploading a photo or video with #conejossolidarios tags or inviting your close people to participate are some of the alternatives. But one of the most important  is to get the solidarity they preach. 

In times of pandemic, the only contagion we want is love.

Publication Date: 30/09/2020

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