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Come on, kids!

The Vamos los Pibes orchestra gives children in vulnerable situations an artistic outlet. In addition, today they help them with delivery of food bags.

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Children and young people in vulnerable situations need many things: food, clothing, containment, support. But there is something else that has the potential to change their lives: to have a purpose. Being able to wake up every morning with something that excites them is fundamental to them. The orchestra Vamos los Pibes pretend to guide them, from art and culture, to find a creative meaning in their lives. And, in the current crisis situation, it also helps them to bring a plate of food to their families.

The Vamos los Pibes orchestra has been operating since 2012 and is aimed at girls, boys and young people aged 7 to 14 years. This is how they present their objective:

Vamos los Pibes aims to develop healthy lifestyles in young people through the promotion of the organization of musical and artistic ventures, the creative use of free time and the environment and culture, promoting the values of solidarity, responsibility and respect as basic values that make the identity of children and young people living in situation of risk and vulnerability.

It operates at the Centro Cultural Los Bohemios Osvaldo Miranda, located at Club Atlanta, in the City of Buenos Aires. It is made up of 30 young musicians, it is free and classes take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school hours. The orchestra is conducted by Hugo Lobo — trumpeter, producer and leader of Dancing Mood — and Fundación Petisos. The boys learn to play different instruments there: trumpet, trombone, guitar, percussion, violin, cello, traverse flute and bass.All teachers are volunteers, and accompany them in their learning .

In recent years, hundreds of boys passed through the orchestra, several of whom became teachers of the project and others decided to continue studying in musical conservatories.

The orchestra needs our help.

Vamos los Pibes has specific goals that focus on providing students with skills they can use for life:

  • It provides a tool to integrate children and young people at risk or vulnerability into the community.
  • It generates spaces for linking, socializing and sharing that allow the full exercise of their rights and the resolution of problems.
  • It provides the opportunity for band members to share their art with the community.

In addition to all this, the orchestra also functions as a picnic, because it is impossible to meet the needs of the soul if those of the body are not covered. This year, due to the pandemic, pupils were unable to start their classes because of the establishment of compulsory social isolation. A lot of the boys had that dish of food. In addition, the crisis causes their families' incomes to be drastically reduced.

That's why the orchestra is collecting food and handing out bags to families their students. Those who can and want to help with non-perishable foods —milk powder, oil, sugar, flour, noodles, rice, polenta, etc.— can contact by mail (hugolobo2031@gmail.com) or come to Humboldt 320 on Saturdays from 9 to 15, Villa Crespo, where people from”Olla Bohemia"will be receiving donations.

Now more than ever, let's go, kids!

Publication Date: 07/07/2020

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