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Action to take advantage of food for the benefit of people in need in Jujuy

It is a solidarity action to take advantage of excess production and to help people in situations of social vulnerability.

Solidarity fingerprint
Impulsan acciones para aprovechar los alimentos en beneficio de personas necesitadas en Jujuy

 Jujuy  's government will implement actions in order to rescue food that is not consumed in the commercial circuit “to collaborate with people in situations of social vulnerability”, it was reported today officially.
It is a “solidarity action” aimed at “taking advantage of the excess production that exists in the world and that causes greater waste to be generated, to help many people,” said Jujujuño's Minister of Economic Development and Production, Juan Carlos Abud Robles.
The actions were established in a framework agreement on cooperation and technical assistance between that portfolio and the Jujuy  Food Bank  , in order to “collaborate with citizens who cross situations of social  vulnerability  in the province”, said the sources.
“ It is important this cultural change and this work together, where we invite producers, food and other people to join us so that we can reach more people,” said the minister.
In this line he said that the agency in charge will be responsible for designing and managing projects for the rescue of food that are outside the commercial circuit but that are suitable for consumption and “can be destined to canteens, picnic areas, schools and institutions that need it.”
For his part, the Director of Legal Affairs in charge of Consumer Defense, Exequiel Lello Ivacevich, reported “the idea is to apply the National Programme for Reduction of Food Loss and Waste, so that all products not consumed are not consumed are not  discarded  but are redirected to people who need it.”

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 24/03/2019

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