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A unique and special hotel

In Córdoba, there is a hotel with exclusive and inclusive service. Albergo Etico is a hostel managed by people with Down Syndrome.


It is a hotel opened by the Unidos por la Inclusión Social (UPIS) foundation. The hostel is located in Carlos Paz and has special services. It is an establishment exclusively led by people with Down Syndrome and with different abilities. It is known as Albergo Etico, and in this space there are workshops of training in trades and different tasks. It is a way to promote work, help independence and make visible the reality of people living with different syndromes. In addition to being a room for many tourists, it is a way of inclusion in the world of work and towards an independent life.

There is also a restaurant on site. Therefore, workers receive tools and courses for the areas of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism. The project provides internships to many people with different abilities. Today 12 young people with different syndromes are part of the team. This hostel is staffed 100% by people who want to learn. The objective is to achieve autonomy and economic independence for the staff.

The team

The young people who are now part of Albergo Etico were fellows of the program Promote, of the Ministry of Labor. With these scholarships they were able to train through a work experience at the El Cid hotel. There they received training and workshops, as well as the opportunity to carry out tasks of the establishment. With this previous training, the boys faced the new project of the hotel and were able to refurbish and condition it. Today, the facilities are great! The contributions of passengers and tourists are voluntary. With different donations and shared jobs, Albergo Etico was consolidated and acquired the warmth of a home.

For Export

Albergo Etico is created by the initiative of the UPIS, but also with the support and commitment of the Hotel and Gastronomic Association of Villa Carlos Paz - Yeah . The initiative has immigrant roots: it comes from Italy. The idea of creating the hostel attended by people with Down Syndrome arises in the city of Asti, in the Piedmont region. There was created the first hotel serviced and managed by people with Down Syndrome. From there, the idea is exported and it comes to our beloved Carlos Paz. Nice trip, huh? Fortunately, the reception of this project was positive. And that's why today we have a unique hostel in all of South America.

What if we add up?

To participate, help or contribute to the cause, you can contact (3541) 15 33-6958 or send an e-mail to info@fundacionupis.org

We can all lend a hand, and let this project grow more and more. In addition, you can make your donations through the page.

Publication Date: 30/11/2019

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