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3 solidarity initiatives on the Argentine coast

We tell you 3 solidarity initiatives in the province of Misiones, Corrientes and Entre Ríos to fight the coronavirus.

Solidarity fingerprint
3 iniciativas solidarias

The strata of this fearsome  pandemic  that ravages the world is rapidly beginning to be seen. But if we have to see it on a positive side, it is surprising to see the powerful  solidarity  it has generated in our country.  3 solidarity initiatives in 3 provinces of the Argentine coast show that not everything is lost . And not just that. When all this happens, the solidarity footprint will be the best foundation to start over.

 Free breakfast for soldiers and doctors 

In  Posadas , the capital of the province of  Misiones , security and health forces  have free breakfast . The initiative comes from the  Maná bakery , which decided to give breakfast to those who work in one of the two sectors. The time at which breakfast is served is from 7 to 10 am. “All the men and women in the security forces in recent times are being very bastard. And today, together with the public health workers, they are the ones at the front of the fire line. Then I think that as citizens we should reward them,” explained Miguel Krawczuk, owner of the bakery.

 Free food and shower for truckers 

Another of the solidarity initiatives of the Argentine coast is located in   Virasoro  ,  Corrientes province. There, in the southern access of the town, municipal staff cooks and serves free food to truckers who cross.  The interesting thing about this solidarity proposal is that it does not have a flag. It is aimed not only at Argentines, but to Brazilians and Paraguayans.  “ They are human beings who work supplying the area. Undoubtedly this quarantine is giving us a sense of humanity,” said one of the volunteers. “He was very welcomed by everyone. We heard audios from different truckers with different tonades commenting on this gesture,” he added.

 Free masks for health personnel 

From  Concordia ,  Entre Ríos , Camila Lugo and Sergio Rodríguez seek to help in the battle against the  coronavirus . Both are part of a proposal promoted by the organization Resistencia Argentina.  A group of around 1000 entrepreneurs working with  3D prints  . The solidarity initiative manufactures protective masks against COVID-19 and donates them free of charge to Argentine hospitals.

“We are a 3D printing group called Resistencia Argentina, eager to help and contribute. This idea came up and started implementing it in Concordia, which is the locality where I live, with the material I had. And little by little people donated me a lot of other things that are useful for this work. I was also offered to donate cash. Then I made a link so people could collaborate in this way, and with that I bought more material,” Camila said.

Publication Date: 08/04/2020

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