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Santa Fe: Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage

Today we want to tell you about the traditions of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage that have been relieved in
Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Argentino
| 07 October, 2019 |
For some

time now, the Ministry of Culture has been carrying out the survey of Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a tool to collect and share information about the cultural manifestations that form part of the identity of communities in the Argentine territory. Traditional ways of doing, naming, producing or celebrating that continue to be practiced, that are passed on to the new generations and that contribute to strengthening collective ties. Today we want to tell you the ones that have been relieved so far in the province of Santa Fe.

Patron Saint of Piñero

Religious and popular celebration that takes place every 16 August. It is organized by the commission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish and its faithful, with the support of local institutions and residents. Activities include the procession with the image of San Roque, the Holy Mass in the local parish, recreational activities, sale of handicrafts and typical meals, as well as shows of folklore and tango.

Milonga to remind you

Meeting place, respect and fraternity among diverse people united by the passion generated by tango in Santa Fe. It is carried out periodically in the town of Arequito or on an itinerant basis. It includes dance, music and poetry, a dance floor, a musicalizer and a typical orchestra stage. Its main dates are the meeting of Friend’s Day in July and the interprovincial Festival of the Tango in November.

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