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Results of the Conquest of the Desert I

There are two models to understand the work of Julio Argentino Roca. One, the one provided by traditional historiography. The
Existen dos modelos para entender la labor de Julio Argentino Roca.
| 13 October, 2019 |

From what can be said about Julio Argentino Roca and the “modernization of the country”, it is important to note that his much-thought Conquest of the Desert, would be clearly summed up by his contemporaries: the creators of the Argentinean historiography. Bartolomé Mitre, Barros García and Vicente López would be aware of this.

The truth is that back then, there was a great ignorance regarding the existence of the inhabitants of Patagonia. Paradoxically, Buenos Aires became increasingly permeable to an intense wave of European ethnocentrism.

The new thought, possibly associated with the fall of the Second French Empire, was easily installed in all areas. Intellectuals fleeing the uprisings in the Old Continent began to integrate into local discussions around 1870. At least this is what Vicente López himself avoids in his “Historia de la República Argentina” (Sopena — Buenos Aires, according to the 1960 annotated edition). Indirectly the group of authors composed of López and Barros García, among many others, would explain how the need to see in Argentina an extension of certain European nations profoundly modified the inherited characteristics of Spanish colonialism. At this point it should be stressed that, as well as socialistideas They’re buzzing, the liberals are too.

Vicente López saw with admiration the great English politicians and from them his intense intellectuality emerged. He is the author of an obligatory quotation when analyzing the European influence on the Rio de la Plata and he turns out to be the one who reveals why the idea of modernityended up identifying himself with Rock.

The presence of very ancient cultures in the desert created a dilemma that the United States had already experienced in its Conquest of the Wild West. Was it necessary to exterminate the Indians or should they be integrated into the new national standards?

Argentina would not be as we see it, if Roca had not existed, López would think. Consequently, the possibility of understanding the conquest of Patagonia as an advance compared to what happened in North America, is a feasible argument. The latter should be understood as an explanation for the existence of a country project capable of including all people beyond their origin.

Understanding that in the Far West

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