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Potato bags harvested in an experimental farm are delivered to Buenos Aires eateries

The food delivered is equivalent to about 18,000 dishes of food.
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El alimento entregado equivale a unos 18 mil platos de comida.
| 24 May, 2019 |

Teachers and students from educational establishments in the Miramar area delivered 260 bags of potatoes harvested in the Experimental Chacra of that city to different canteens , said the Ministry of Agri-Industry of the province of Buenos Aires, the promoter of the solidarity initiative.
This is the second edition of the so-called “Pope of solidarity”, which the provincial portfolio carried out together with the Civil Association Mobilizar, the municipality of General Alvarado and companies sponsoring the program.

Minister Leonardo Sarquís said that this kind of solidarity initiatives “must be done every year because we have the possibility of having a farm where you can do this kind of value added and agribusiness with a social focus”.
Sarquís said that this experience will extend to other parts of the province and did not rule out that in the area of Miramar there is also a solidarity “chocleada”.
The province of Buenos Aires has 14 experimental farms located in different parts of the province of Buenos Aires that carry out permanent tasks of extension, research and knowledge transfer.
The potato delivered is equivalent to about 18,000 dishes of food that are prepared in different institutions, such as schools, canteens and hospitals, it was reported.

Source: Télam

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