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If you have the post and, on top of that, you make the gesture, you have the real post.

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You know when you're holding the post. The themes are varied; the arguments, dissimilar; but there is one thing that never changes: the gesture. If you have the post and, on top of that, you make the gesture, you have the real post. Any opinion contrary to what is being said is immediately dismissed, because no one uses that gesture lightly. The gesture consists of forming a circle with the thumb and forefinger of one hand (usually the right) and moving the wrist slightly to the rhythm of what is being said. Yes: we must combine the movement of the hand with the syllables that come out of our mouth at the precise moment when the revealing information is being revealed. It is like an improvised choreography that gives vigor and validity to words. Nobody doubts it: if it is the relay, it is the relay. The interlocutor, often in a state of complete shock, does not believe what his ears hear and launches the question: "Bet?". To which the first responds, with a serious face: "Post". This last "post" is also accompanied by the corresponding gesture, in a synonymy that is not redundant, but quite the opposite: it underlines and reaffirms the absolute truth, the irrefutable reality. The relay.

Publication Date: 07/05/2018

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