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A profitable business only for the bold

Integrating into the world has to be seen as an opportunity

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It is nothing new what is necessary for Argentina to insert itself in the world and export its production so that it can earn foreign currency. However, in the age of knowledge, not knowing the value of exporting such knowledge is as bad as ignorance itself, for in the world it is the most required! Understanding how the export of knowledge-based services works is essential in order to overcome the dilemma of being "the world's granary or supermarket".  We need to encourage and accompany this sector so that not only the daring explore the path of knowledge. The service economy accounts for an ever-increasing percentage of GDP in all countries. The sector is even more powerful if we consider the intangibles needed in all types of production and that are not accounted for... Who benefits today from the advantages of producing and exporting services from Argentina? Large multinationals operate from Argentine soil, capturing talent in the software, technology, business services and audiovisual industries. Foreign trade in services, or according to the most recent way of referring to the phenomenon, the international trade in knowledge-based services (SBC) generates income that in the last year reached 6,294 million dollars in Argentina. Good news for political communication At a time when good news is scarce, SBC's activities are the new attraction of the national accounts due to the results they produce: growth in production, increase in exports with the consequent income of foreign exchange, not to mention the extra shine they achieve as a green industry where, in terms of employment, informality is notably lower than that of other sectors of the economy. What is striking, or painful, is that such a seductive activity is not succeeding in expanding among independent professionals and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). On the contrary, the concentration in fewer hands is the last official data. An activity with a tendency to concentration As in many other sectors of the Argentine economy, the challenge is to ensure that professionals have access to the necessary conditions to be able to export services, since production is increasingly concentrated on the big players. Most of the multinational companies based in Argentina are responsible for most of the international invoicing. It is only enough to analyze the data on the number of companies in the third sector, mostly micro and SME's that manage to commercialize their intangibles. In March of this year, there were 41,565, compared to 46,850 in Argentina five years earlier, in 2013, according to data from the Ministry of Production. If we add to this the geographical concentration with 32.5% of the companies in CABA, 26.1% in BA Province, the potential for development outside these regions is enormous! and the local economic impact could be very significant. Is it a good idea to undertake or put together a curriculum vitae? For some professionals, the employment and growth opportunities offered by companies in the sector are very attractive. But if we consider that foreign exchange earnings from foreign trade in services continue to rise, many professionals who do not achieve a successful insertion in the labor market could have an excellent opportunity in the world of global services. Today's technology makes it possible to start providing services in an accessible and cost-effective way for independent professionals. In this regard, AFIP took measures to facilitate independent activity by removing restrictions on foreign exchange income, eliminating double taxation with Brazil and previously with Chile, among others. If we want to have professionals with the capacity to return to being a sector with upward mobility and a true regional economic distribution, Argentina needs to consolidate these efforts, added to the good use of intellectual property protection and access to foreign clients through international service fairs. It would be a very wise policy to promote this economic sector by facilitating access to management tools and business intelligence knowing that the knowledge of our professionals has a value in the market and many countries require their skills. Employment in a multinational company does not have to continue to be the only way for the professional development of Argentines. Integrating into the world must be seen as an opportunity for all who wish to take up the challenge.

Publication Date: 03/08/2018

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By: MARIA DE LUJAN 07 August, 2018

Muy buena nota!!! Y sobre todo útil para abrir los ojos y ver otras puertas para los profesionales que ofrecemos servicios basados en conocimientos !!

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