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Tips for a good budget romantic ride

The moon will witness your love.

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This is better than Venice. In the Costanera Sur ecological reserve (you enter Brazil from Paseo Colón or Cordoba from Alem) there are free guided tours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and a space that overlooks the river that is very beautiful. You can close your eyes and hear the sound of the waves as if you were at sea.

But best of all, on the last Friday of every month, there is a full moon, they do guided tours in the moonlight. They are ideal walks to make a free romantic outing. Then you invite her to dinner at the carts on the waterfront. That she chooses the one she likes best, just as everyone will charge you more or less the same: cheap. To the burger, which is the most economical, you can put all the ingredients they have, then you can fill it with lettuce and tomato to make it more yield and throw the spree to share the dish. That's right there. Obviously, you can put the ingredients on any sandwich you buy, but paty is the cheapest thing.

And bring a bottle of water for you and another for the girl in question for the visit to the Reserve. Then instead of buying soda, you'll already have the bottles. The moon will witness your love.

Publication Date: 09/02/2019

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