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This Sunday begins the electoral audiovisual advertising for the PASs

It will be extended until the beginning of the closed order on August 9, two days before the PASO primaries.
Politics and Economics
07 July, 2019

This Sunday will begin the broadcast of electoral advertising in audiovisual media (radio and TV) throughout the country, which will extend until the beginning of the closed order on August 9, two days before the PASOprimaries.

This is 62,687 hours of campaign advertising, distributed among all political groups, according to the Public Draw of Spaces for Electoral Advertising held last Monday by the National Electoral Directorate (DINE), which reports to the Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing of the Nation.

“ For this election, we introduced and promoted several reforms aimed at ensuring more transparency and fairness in the election,” said Adrián Pérez, Secretary of Political and Institutional Affairs of that portfolio.

The official stated that the policy financing law was approved this year at the behest of Let’s change. “transparently campaign contributions and imposes more restrictions on government officials to carry out government acts or announcements during the campaign period. ”

“ The mandatory debate between presidential candidates will also be implemented for the first time and we expanded the right to vote of Argentines living abroad with the possibility of doing so by post,” Pérezrecalled. She

also stressed that gender parity will be applied to ensure equality between men and women candidates for office in Congress.

“ We eliminate the collectors, to avoid confusing the electorate, and we work to make the provisional count more efficient and transparent, with the transmission of telegrams from schools so that the parties can control the whole process,” the official added.

On the audiovisual campaign that starts this Sunday, from the area that commands Pérez detailed that the notices will be broadcast in 3,166 media throughout the country: 2,137 AM and FM radios, and 1.029 cable and open TV services and for that each station had to give up 36 minutes for free day, as provided by law.

It was also defined that advertising will be broadcast between 7 and 1 the following day, according to a distribution in four slots: 0 to 11, 11 to 16, 16 to 20 and 20 to 1.

Advertising will be divided by type of national candidates: 50% will be to promote president and vice, 25 per cent for senators and 25 per cent for deputies.

But in provinces where there are simultaneous elections for governor (such as Buenos Aires), 40% of the space will be left to the formula of

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