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The Venezuelan paradise

For Venezuelans, our country is a paradise. For the planners, too. Except for those of us who break up working,
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Para los venezolanos, nuestro país es un paraíso
| 23 September, 2019 |

For years, they wanted to make us believe that there is a paradise in Venezuela . That Maduro is the Ultra Plus child of democracy. It might be. Watch out, I haven’t been there lately.

The odd thing is that being so great to live in a country that has oil to supply the world, the People get away. It reminds me of Cuba. They’re escaping across borders. They walk months to get to another country.

It seems that paradise is us.

Since 2012, more than 170,000 residents arrived in the country. Of the around 4 million Venezuelans who escaped from paradise. They are the population with the highest immigration in Argentina.

16,000 are engineers, 10,000 administrators, businessmen or accountants, 4,000 doctors, 3,000 lawyers and 2,000 journalists. It will be that the average Argentinian has the most relationship with doctors. Because there are even anecdotes with these noble professionals.

With great wisdom, the Government is already working to relocate them to the interior of the country. Because, logically, the majority is established in Buenos Aires and GBA.

The crazy thing is, they get a job right away.

Rare, in a country with 10% unemployment. With people who haven’t gotten a job in 15 years… Will Argentines prefer to live in the indignity of charging a plan? Are you not interested in the honor of maintaining a family? Nor teach those children who bring to the world five or six, that the path that will lift them out of poverty is education and work?

Maybe you’d rather live in a villa, no drinking water , no sewers. But hung from the light and the wire. With 5 thousand pesos sneakers and 15 thousand cell phones… Oh, beautiful.

And we, the 13 million workers who tax 12 million planners (and 7 pensioners), are obliged to “give them”. Because what they claim, without working, from the state, we pay.

But you know what the craziest thing is? It’s our fault for not having voted well. Because these people come to that, because there was never a state that taught them. On education and work. Quite the contrary, they prefer them brutes and poor. To have them as clients. Tamed by political leaders and planners administrators.

We are a paradise for immigrants (Venezuelans, Bolivians, Peruvians, Paraguayans). For bloodsucking planners. For everyone, except for those who work. Those of us who work are the only ones who pay taxes. And on top of that, the ports

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