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Small tips for choosing a couple

The golden rule is: pay you, but with the money from it.
Politics and Economics
14 February, 2019

What adds points to the girl is if you invite her to lunch, order the executive menu, which is the cheapest. If you choose an expensive dish, the girl should be discarded. And if on top of that, when it comes to paying, he goes to the bathroom and you get the dead guy, I ran out.

Another factor that tells you a lot about the girl is whether she buys milk in cardboard, bottle or sachet. If you buy in sachet you add points, because you know it is thrifty, since the sachet comes out 50% less than the carton and the bottle, and the milk is the same. So if you’re moving in with her, you know it’s from your stick.

Attention girls: today what the boys “adds” a lot is for a girl to pay and pay. That is, if the girl is a 5 score and she misses to pay, it automatically becomes a 7 because it marks her initiative and the healthy intention that she will not want to “live” you. This is something that is being paid more attention to, precisely because of the number of divorces there is and how expensive that comes to the male. Paying a divorce – the worst investment you can make in life. I’d put it as a sumptuous expense. And if you divorce twice, I don’t even tell you.

So what you do now as a test is to invite the girl for a drink. If he gets to pay (even if you end up paying you, but telling him “all right, next time you invite you”, so you can guarantee a second exit) already adds 2 extra points.

It’s like toilet paper. I, when I was single, the first thing I asked a girl on a date was what toilet paper she used: whether single or double sheet. If I used double sheet, I would rule it out from the go, because it implied that I would spend double on everything. The second question is what he does when he runs out of toothpaste. If he tells you to throw it, you better find another date: he’ll throw everything away.

Obviously miti and miti in relationships is synonymous with gender equality. Anyway, it’s used a lot that if the girl earns more she pays, but giving the money to the boy because it’s bad for a restaurant to see the girl pay. Then the golden rule is this: pay you, but with the silver from it.

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