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Peronist Argentina

What we have experienced a thousand and one times and what we can come to live again in a Peronist
Politics and Economics
lo que podemos llegar a vivir de nuevo en una Argentina peronista
| 28 September, 2019 |

This only happens in Peronist Argentina.

A Peronist candidate for governor of a Peronist province promises a salary increase. It’s known he won’t be able to pay. Peronist people vote the same way. And – as was foreseeable – the Peronist governor cannot pay the salaries.

The Peronist teachers’ union feels cheated by the Peronist governor. And he tries to stop the work of the Peronist oil tanker guild. Go find out why. Peronist oil tankers beat up Peronist teachers. Responding to the higher directives of your Peronist guild .

Peronist teachers, indignant, start a strike. And they leave their students out of school, whether these children of Peronists or not. They organize a Peronist march in a Peronist city. From the Peronist province ripped off by the Peronist governor. After the end of the Peronist march, some Peronist teachers have an accident on a route. Misbuilt by a Peronist headman of a former Peronist president. And two Peronist teachers are killed. They didn’t want to wear seat belts because they’re Peronists.

The teachers’ union of Peronist Argentina calls for a Peronist strike in homage (or celebration) of the death of Peronist teachers. They killed each other coming back from a Peronist march. Against the Peronist governor who cheated Peronist voters in his Peronist province.

In turn, the Peronist governor who scammed Peronist voters in the Peronist province blames the national government. For not sending you money that it was NOT appropriate to be sent. But it is verified that the money was sent. And that they skated on andá to know what peronist question of the Peronist province.

The money in question is over 1200 million pesos. Apparently, that money was used to pay the salary arrears of the Peronist judges and the Peronist deputies. Peronist Argentina . They charge 680,000 mangoes for the first and 390,000 mangoes for the second.


order to solve the problem of the Peronist people who were unable to collect their salaries, the Peronist governor of the Peronist province decides that the solution to the problem is to increase their own salary and that of their Peronist collaborators by double.

Now, you live in the Province of Buenos Aires. And you have nothing to do with all those peronist Argentine scams. But you find that your son doesn’t have classes. Because the Peronist teachers’ union of Peronist teachers in this province where salaries are paid, where Peronist teachers are NOT killed on a poorly constructed route by a Peronist headman and where the governor DOES NOT double the salary, decided that the blame for everything lies with the cat. And they take it out on your son, who doesn’t even know what the hell it is to be Peronist or what it’s for.

As you can see, they will never encont

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