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What we have lived a thousand and once and what we can get to live again in a Peronist Argentina. This is a real story, of course.

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This only happens in Peronist Argentina.

A Peronist  candidate  for governor of a Peronist province promises a salary increase. That is known he won't be able to pay. Peronist people vote it the same. And, as it was foreseeable, the Peronist  governor  can't pay salaries.

The Peronist  teachers'  union is scammed by the Peronist governor. And try to stop the work of the Peronist guild of peronist  oil tankers  . Go find out why. Peronist oil tankers poop on Peronist teachers. Responding to the superior directives of his Peronist  guild  .

Peronist teachers, outraged, start a  strike . And they leave their students without classes whether these children of Peronists or not. They organize a Peronist march in a Peronist city. From the Peronist province swindled by the Peronist governor. After the Peronist march is over, some Peronist teachers have an accident on a route. Poorly built by a Peronist headman of a former Peronist president. And two Peronist teachers are killed. That they didn't want to wear seat belts because they're  peronists .

The teachers' guild of Peronist Argentina calls for a Peronist strike in homage (or celebration) of the death of Peronist teachers. That they killed themselves coming back from a Peronist march. Against the Peronist governor who scammed Peronist voters in his Peronist province.

In turn, the Peronist governor who scammed the Peronist voters of the Peronist province blames the national government. For not having sent him a twine that did NOT correspond to be sent. But it is checked that the SI twine was sent. And that they skated her on the way to know what Peronist question of the Peronist province.

The twine in question is over 1200 million pesos. Apparently, that money was used to pay the arrears of the Peronist judges and the Peronist deputies. From Peronist  Argentina  . They charge 680,000 mangoes the first and 390,000 mangoes the second.

To solve the problem of the Peronist people who were unable to collect their wages, the Peronist governor of the Peronist province decides that the solution to the problem is to increase their own salary and that of his Peronist collaborators twice.

Now, you live in the Province of Buenos Aires. And you don't have anything to do with all those peronist gigs. But you find that your son doesn't have classes. Because the Peronist union of Peronist teachers in this province where if salaries are paid, where Peronist teachers were NOT killed on a poorly built route by a Peronist headman and where the governor did NOT double the salary, decided that the cat is blamed for everything. And they take it out on your son, who doesn't even know what the hell it's like to be a Peronist or what it's for.

As you can see, they're never going to find a more  Peronist  story than this.

Author: unfortunately, anonymous.

Publication Date: 28/09/2019

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By: Ernesto 13 October, 2019

Gran artículo che !!! Seguro te dan el Pulitzer. Otra cosa, te pusieron Bob por Bob ludo o por Bob ito?.

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