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Over raining, wet!

As if we do not have enough of our bleak economic landscape, we will have to suffer the consequences of COVID 19. Over raining, wet!

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Over raining, wet! means, in the economic context, that in addition to the suffering we already have, we must add those that the pandemic will leave.

Droplets carrying the coronavirus have come to change everyone's lives. And to rethink various structural, social and economic issues. This pandemic has been sweeping without distinction, surprising the whole world. But thanks to the geographical location of our country, the Government seems to have taken note of it. Acting without hesitation, with the time factor in his favor.

At times and almost as a teenager, I think it would be very good to stay in quarantine. So we don't have to take on the debacle that's coming to us.

And why do I say about raining, wet!?

Unfortunately, Argentina is facing a severe risk of default, in which economic support is dying. Almost like an inevitable tsunami. And with this, social conflicts, extreme poverty that exacerbates an evil for which we are all responsible. And on top of that, a health system God wills doesn't end up collapsing.

Discussing at this point which government leads us, what color or with what ideals, is no longer a case. In fact, we have given answers, very recently at the polls. This is our government. But it is essential to put populism aside. And face the reality that we have before us. Society no longer withstands trials, no lies. The truth is that the state is broken and no one believes in our system of living in debt permanently. So there's no one left to borrow. Unless a new negotiable leads us to surrender territoriality so that the party continues (I hope this idea is not taken seriously...).

Here is the great challenge

To order this heavy heritage that this blessed country carries. Understand that we can not spend more than you enter. In fact, we're in the red with debts everywhere and a society under pressure of all kinds.

“ The only way to get ahead is by assuming the cost that no one wants to embody... We have to shrink the state, so much that it allows us to have a balance that at least balances and obviously spend only for what we generate”

The point is to decide who puts the bell on the cat?

So that it is understood, I will explain it very simply

Approximately half of the expenditure is for infrastructure. Composed of safety, health, education, justice and public administration. The other half is mainly devoted to retirements, social schemes, etc.

Publication Date: 02/04/2020

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