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Macri and Alberto Fernández, with their eyes on the Cordoba vote for the PASO

They will close this week the campaigns of their candidates in Córdoba with the aim of capturing the Cordoba vote in the next STEP.

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President Mauricio Macri, who aspires to re-election with Juntos por el Cambio, and Kirchnerismo presidential pre-candidate Alberto Fernández, with the Front de Todos, will close his candidates' campaigns in Córdobathis week with two events in the provincial capital with the aim of capturing the Cordoba vote in the next open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO).

Córdoba, the country's second largest electoral district behind the province ofBuenos Aires, brings together 2,946,060 electors, 8, 7% of the total.

Macri, who has Peronist SenatorMiguel Pichetto , will arrive next Wednesday inCórdoba to carry out the closing of the local campaign, with a message that will aim to consolidate the accession that led him to the presidency of the Nation in the 2015 ballotage, official sources said.

Meanwhile Fernández, Chief of Staff of the governments of Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,will also close his campaign in Córdoba, but a day after Macri, with the aim of raising the percentage of voters in a province whose authorities denounced “discrimination” by Kirchnerist governments.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Pichetto is scheduled to arrive in Córdoba to perform proselytizing acts and inaugurate a local Republican Peronism.

In these elections Cordoba renews 9 national deputies and, in the PASOS next Sunday, local voters will find themselves in the dark room with 17 ballots from 13 political sectors, of which only two compete in internal.

Together for Change, with the presidential formulaMacri-Pichetto, has as the official list of pre-candidates for national deputies the president of the interbloc of national deputies ofCambiemos, the radicalMario Negri; the lawyer Soher El Sukaría (PRO) and Victor Hugo Romero (UCR).

This list will compete in interns with two other ballots: 'We are consensus and renewal' that leads Javier Fabreas the first pre-candidate, followed by Paola Campitelliand Sebastían Laborde, while the list 'Blanca y Roja' promotes Miguel Nicholas, Carla Carta and Luis Brouwer of Koning.

The provincial government, which responds to Peronist Governor Juan Schiaretti, was unable to get the armed of a presidential proposal with Alternativa Federaland left its adherents free to vote for the presidential formula. In this framework, he keeps a short list of Hemos por Córdoba and promotes provincial legislator Carlos Gutiérrez; official Claudia Martínez and provincial legislator Oscar González for national deputies.

Meanwhile, the Front de Todos, with the presidential formula Alberto Fernández-Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,is running for the president of the Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (Apyme), Eduardo Fernández; the national deputy Gabriela Estévez and the holder of the Trade Employees Association (AGEC), Pablo Chacón.

The Federal Consensuslist, with Roberto Lavagna-Juan Manuel Urtubeyas presidential formula, has on its ballot Roberto Birri(Socialist Party); Betiana Cabrera Fasolis(Libres del Sur) and Pablo Villanueva (GEN) .

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 05/08/2019

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