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I told them about Kirchnerism and they answered me with liberalism

The real struggle for our independence

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On 9 July we celebrated the 202nd anniversary of our independence and from the province of Tucumán President Macri "invited us to reflect on whether our actions contribute to building the country we want". Normally we assimilate this date to the political birth of our Nation, but in his speech the President stressed, in much more detail and importance, the economic aspects over the political aspects. This dilemma, that of building a country from an economic perspective or building a country and developing an economy that sustains it, has been affecting us since our independence. However, one thing seems very clear. From the beginning of his administration, this government based the design of its policies on the assumption that economic actors would support the transformation of the country. Politics took a back seat. The "new economy" came hand in hand with the "non-political" one, and the important thing was to propose measures to develop a free market economy and on it, according to the President's speech, one could "build once and for all a different Argentina". What happened then for the President to claim in his speech that "the world has shown its support, now we need the businessmen to make their contribution"? I remember Pugliese's famous phrase I spoke to them with my heart and they answered me with my pocket' and I see the same conceptual error in the complaint to the businessmen. Today the government could say, "I told you about Kirchnerism and you answered me with liberalism. Kind of like saying thank you for the benefits granted. The non-political failed. A few weeks ago, Lilita Carrió had some unfortunate statements about the president of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA). And I say that they were unfortunate in the way they were expressed, but in the end the questioning was correct. Argentina's corporate economic power does not build from politics, but rather, in spite of politics. The foundations of a country that is built on an economic preconcept depend on results and it is naïve to think that entrepreneurs will bear the social costs if the results do not match, even if they support a government. In 1816 we declared our independence and expressed to the world our desire to be considered a free nation. More than 200 years later we are still looking to consolidate a true independence, not just a formal one, but from what or from whom do we seek independence? The lack of consensus on which model of country we want makes each government seek independence from different things. Some of them from the IMF, Imperialism, populism, etc. But the reality is that every presidential election in our country seems to be a patriotic, liberating, and independent deed. We are our own invaders. The real independence lies in planning a future agreed by the different actors of our society in the framework of a global context that allows us to develop an open and competitive economy that is not subject to the need to appeal to the predatory voracity of any sector.

Publication Date: 13/07/2018

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