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How to charge the $10,000 that the government decreed?

Through a decree, the president set an Emergency Family Income of $10,000 for sectors affected by the health emergency.

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With the arrival of   COVID-19   in our country, the national government rushed to take measures to limit the progress of the pandemic. In the face of the health emergency and mandatory quarantine decreed by  Alberto Fernández , many economic activities are affected. To alleviate the effects of this crisis, the creation of an  Emergency Family Income (IFE) of  $10,000 was recently established for certain sectors vulnerable to this situation.

The IFE is an exceptional non-contributory monetary benefit to be paid on a one-time basis in April. The benefit shall be granted to persons who are unemployed, work informally, whether they are monotributists of categories A and B or workers in private homes.

How to perceive the benefit

Those who are registered with the   National Social Security Administration (Anses)   do not need to carry out any procedures. Those who are not registered will have to register for an application that will be available on the agency's website. There you must upload your data and your CBU (Uniform Banking Key). For those who are more informally, alternative mechanisms will be available, such as payment by mail.

What are the requirements?

  1. Be an Argentine native or naturalized and resident, with a legal residence in the country not less than two years.
  2. Be between 18 and 65 years of age.

Anyone who meets these conditions may only access the IFE provided that he or any member of his family group does not receive income from the following sources:

  • A job in relation to public or private dependency.
  • Be a monotributist of category “C” or higher or from the autonomous regime.
  • An unemployment benefit.
  • Retirements, pensions or non-contributory retirements, national, provincial, municipal or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).
  • From social plans, supplementary social wage, We Make Future, Strengthen Work or other national, provincial or municipal social programs,  except those of the AUH or Pregnancy .

This exceptional and one-time benefit will be granted after socio-economic and patrimonial assessments are carried out on the basis of objective criteria set out in its regulations. The $10,000 IFE represents almost two months of the value of the Basic Food Basket, indigence threshold, which Indec estimated in February at $5,432.32 for the elderly.

Publication Date: 31/03/2020

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