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Dreaming a new Argentina

Letter from the Rector of the Champagnat School to parents and students, talking about a new Argentina. It was in 2010. It's worth rereading.

Politics and Economics
Soñando una nueva Argentina

Peace and war nest deep in human  nature  . From the biblical litigation of Cain and Abel, to today, every person can be a volcano of violence or a sea of sweetness. Violence and peace, hatred and forgiveness are part of the mystery of man. We must educate for peace, we must promote it incessantly. Peace, the caress of God, is the task of today and forever. Peace is everyone's task, but the authorities must have an inescapable duty. The greater investiture, the greater sanity.

 Dangerous play 

In recent times, national authorities have farmed bonfires of violence and exercised grudges and clashes. A democratic and solid government does not need to stoke hatreds to increase  governance . It is a dangerous game, unpredictable in its consequences, because in the long or short, it damages the one who instrumented it. We remember some facts:

* The irruption in the Plaza de Mayo of vandalism  pickets  that evicted peaceful protesters with a rain of tubal and discriminatory cries verbalizing a deep resentment.

* The official messianic discourse, dyed with a hysterical  populism  that faces agriculture with industry; the countryside with the city; the center with the periphery. Why Balkanize Argentinean Citizenship? Don't we all live in the same homeland? This division, in addition to being unjust and arbitrary, constitutes a dangerous game that violates the harmony and healthy pluralistic coexistence that always characterized us. We can be mosaics of different colors, but forming the only figure, the  Argentine Nation. It is unacceptable the frequent intersecting that accuses the democratic as subversive for dissent, and confuses adversary with enemy. Intolerable and violent the presence of a certain trade unionism very  K , as Jurassic as K, which attacks with unusual violence, isolates factories, supermarkets, intimidating the simple citizen and sowing chaos to the four winds. The pathological and persistent regression to the seventies arbitrarily demonizing some and hypocritically angelizing others, in a fine exercise of fragmentation of social unity. The persistent suspicion and fear of the “media generals” and the deep contempt for the flesh and blood generals, who, after all, are soldiers of the  Fatherland .

The style of relations between national authorities with  entrepreneurs , producers,  exporters , non-seventist intellectuals, and even with foreign diplomats; tightening, harassment, threats and chicanas; unjustified waiting, reflect absolutism and a sign of weakness. There is a highly studied relationship policy, read in the manuals of failed revolutions. I experienced it in Angola in 1986 in full Marxist power. You have to go to the crash, break your nerves, treat with hardness and cretinism, as if the other were a beast to dominate or an enemy to demolish. There is a much studied and publicized willingness to share wealth; equity must reach all Argentines. True, we must all be distribution channels, also the state and its authorities, but we perceive them as an insatiable vacuum cleaner that bulges pockets of power and friends. If there is no coherence, truth and respect, peace will be a utopia and violence the punch that accompanies our daily coexistence, the bitter bread of our social, political and even family relations.

 Towards a Aventurous Future 

We are almost on the eve of the bicentennial  1810 . Propitious time to make a country project; opportunity to sit in a broad and pluralistic group of intellectuals, politicians, producers, trade unionists, artists, exporters, etc. and to draw lines of action for Argentina of the future. Outline a short state project, one presidency, medium, three presidencies and long-term six presidencies. A clear, incisive, comprehensive project that forces those who exercise power to follow and fulfill it, beyond the  political  ideas that made him succeed. A project that will ask us: what do we want?What are the axes of future progress?What are the weaknesses that have us prostrate?; what resources do we have?; what ethical and philosophical principles will be the basis of our national being?; who will we align with?; how will we shape quality education, which is the creator of the best industry, that of intelligence? How can we assume globality, globalization?; what place will the FF.AA. and the industries associated with them take?; etc.

A  Nation  project that drives Argentina towards a adventurous, equitable, profoundly democratic future; a project that closes the path to the daily involution that impoverishes us and fragments. You don't need to philosophize much to see what the right path is. Let's look at our neighbors who had tragedies like ours or worse. They were encouraged to close the doors to hatred and revenge and open paths to the future from unity, forgiveness and justice for all. Today we see them firm, moving along the paths of progress and welfare, which produce quality work and research; and exports that credit a country as a producer and allows it to move from debtor to creditor. We admire the stability of these nations. We envy that leaders of important states visit them and invite them to agree on international and development policy projects. It's time to wake up from lethargy. Argentina, with what it is, with its immense potential and with its location in the planisphere, cannot be left behind the free and progressive world. Buenos Aires seduces many tourists and few rulers, except four overnight warlords, anchored in time. In these days politicians from important nations visit neighboring countries, but they do not go down in Ezeiza and it is not because of smoke. The world continues to progress and we petrified in the past. We must remember the past; it will be beneficial to us to the extent that we alike reject the violence sown by the subversive guerrillas and by de facto governments. Let's look at the future, ask why our failures and lay down our selfishness. Let's do it for the children, for the young. Argentina is so rich that it can't fail. The Argentines will fail. In a globalized world with sustained population growth, increasing  purchasing power , Argentina must aspire to reign rather than vegetate. At a time when arable land, food production, freshwater become precious and scarce goods, we must take the lead and go out to conquer the world. The heroes who were born on  May 25  and  July 9 dreamed of  a Great Homeland, full of projects and embodied in the heart of humanity. The meannesses that isolate and impoverish us today do not match the Cry for Freedom, nor with the Emancipating Epic of the Nose Homeland. Argentina, as the condor of our mountains, encourage you to look at the world from above and fly determined along the paths of hope.

Brother Eugenio Magdaleno, Rector of the Champagnat College.


Publication Date: 09/08/2019

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