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Coronavirus and economics

More dangerous effects than health. A disease that attacks the heart of the world order, Coronavirus and economy.
Politics and Economics
| 09 April, 2020 |

Coronavirus and economics. And society and the state. I leave you a few thoughts.

Throughout its history, humanity witnessed the fall and emergence of various forms of social organization, political and economic spheres. We went from mere nomads in search of food and shelter to being established farmers in small towns. We accepted the idea of organizing ourselves around a religious belief that determined who had the power to rule over us to question our entire existence when enlightenment used reason as a guide. We witnessed the emergence of great empires or ancient democratic societies and their fall. We saw how feudal societies gave way to the nation states under the revolutionary motto of equality, freedom and fraternity. We evolve in our conception of the economy from barter or piecework to industrial production chains, global financial transactions and cryptocurrencies.

Throughout this process, diseases and pandemics, death as something very true, were present among us, but we did not They stopped. Only in the last centuries were we able to control these diseases thanks to the evolution of research and the development of medicines for cure and prevention .

The “Tyranny of the Clock”

This process took place in parallel with the rise of the State as a central actor in the organization of our modern society and our economy. The decline in mortality rates led to an acceleration in world population growth, sustaining economic development as the world reorganized around modern states.

And while the state evolved into interventionist and welfare stages with its health, education and social security systems, the economic and productive system was based on the idea that the factory cannot stop. Our whole life was reorganized around the so-called “Tyranny of the Clock” that set our time in work, leisure and rest. And although we complain daily, that routine structures us as individuals and as a society.

Coronavirus and economics. I’m coming…

Modernity made us dependent on a system that is not ready to stop and stop produce, and in turn, care for all citizens physically and psychically.

The amplified effect of coronavirus is explained because it not only attacks people’s lungs and emotional stability, but alsoparalyzes the heart of our economy, society, and the industrial system.

Given this, we can understand because many presidents pose this situation as a war situation. It affects the economy, production and exceeds the capabilities of the state to respond to everyone.

The War of Argentina

We saw how a rapid adoption of measures of health containment, closure of borders and of its economy prevented the collapse of its health system as has happened in Spain or Italy. However, such measures can only work if it is speculated that the health crisis will be short-term and that we will quickly have a cure to restore our lives to normal.

Coronavirus and economics seems to be an inveitable battle.


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