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Argentines are the least patient when it comes to investing, according to a global report

The Global Investor Study 2019 report was conducted this year in 32 countries and for the first time includes Argentina.

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Argentines are the least patient investors when it comes to managing their savings, keeping them 1.3 years, half the time that global investors average according to the results of a survey conducted by  Schroder s, a leading investment management firm that were released in  London .

The  Global Investor Study 2019 report, which was conducted this year in 32 countries and includes  Argentina for the first time, highlighted that most global investors made immediate changes in the  risk profile of their investments during the last three months of 2018.

“On average, investors maintain their investments (excluding pensions and property) for 2.6 years, just over half the five-year investment period recommended by fund managers,” explained the study.

He added that “investors in  Japan, the United States and Canada  were the most patients with retention periods of at least four years, compared to Argentines who were the least patients having on average an investment period of 1.3 years.”

 Millennials  (those between 18 and 37 years old) are fewer patients than older generations, maintaining their investments for an average of 1.9 years, compared to the average of 3.7 years of stay of baby boomers (between 51 and 70 years).

On the other hand, approximately 53% of  millennials  agreed that the greatest risk to their investments was not to take sufficient risk to achieve their investment objectives.

“70% changed the risk profile of their portfolio in direct response to  instability . Among them, 37% who opted for lower-risk investments and 35% who opted for higher risk options. Only 21% of people keep their investments at the same level.”

In  Argentina , 80% of investors feel that an unstable political situation or market volatility affects their portfolio, 27% responded that it has an impact on their investment decisions while 24% see it as an opportunity.

Investors in  America  were the ones with the highest expectations of obtaining a return of 12.4%, compared to 9% of investors in Europe. For their part, Argentines expected to have a return of 15.8%.

These high expectations may indicate why more than half of global investors (51%) and almost half (47%) of Argentine investors stated that they had not achieved what they wanted with their investments in the last five years.

In fact, about 10% of global investors and  9% of Argentines believe they should have kept their investments longer. 

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 29/07/2019

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