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Argentina e-commerce turnover grew 51.5%

In 2018 it was 51.5% higher than the previous year with an increase of $1,500 in the average ticket.

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E-commerce in Argentina in retail “despite setbacks reached $206 billion in sales,” said analyst Alejandro Prince.

He noted that the sum implies a “real growth in pesos compared to previous year's sales ($136 billion) of 51.5% “.

“ Of course, if we made the calculation in average dollars for the difference between the two years growth is 37.4%, “he added.

According to their data, the percentage of online buyers rose from 67.6% of internet users to 78.2% last year.

The annual expenditure per buyer, in pesos, went from $5,484 in 2017 to $7,079 last year.

Prince noted that last year market conditions “hardened”, and “interest rates rose to far higher than high inflation, causing plans and purchases in card installments to fall sharply”:

In this sense the payment platform Ingenico ePayments reminded Télam that in CyberMonday 2018, there was a “drop in the number of installments chosen by users”.

He said that in the field travel “almost half of purchases (49.3%) were in 1 payment and 27% were in six installments” also found that “there were practically no operations of 12 and 24 payments”.

While among the sales of electronics and household appliances chains, 36.5% of purchases were made in 3 installments while 33.4% were made in 1 payment.”

For Prince “some of the main items of online trading, after the devaluation of the dollar, the most affected in its sales (in the physical and online world)”.

“ Passages and Tourism abroad and all the products of the gray and brown lines (electronics, telephony, audio and video) fell in their sales in both worlds (referring to e-commerce as in the traditional with physical payments), after having risen by the new parity,” he added.

Source: Télam.

Publication Date: 21/01/2019

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