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Argentina condemned again (to success)

A former president said: “... Argentina is doomed to success,” but success lasts little for Argentines.

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I remember very well when in Congress of the Nation, in the context of social and economic crisis, a former president told us:  “... Argentina is doomed to success” .Surely he did not take into account that our justice is not very harsh when applying penalties, so  success lasts little for Argentines .

Rarely can a phrase summarize so much of our history, and also hide it. Being condemned implies punishment, something imposed and unwanted. If success is our grief, then why do we strive? And how can a society develop if it expects success as a result of other people's merit? We have experience in this. For the last 40 years we have been suffering from the  “Success Crisis” , each one very well explained by the politicians on duty.

Today we face a dilemma. For some analysts, the change in public policies prevented a new crisis; for others it is brewing. Argentine politics is like this, reformist, and we are already accustomed to changes. But to the world we are unstable, unpredictable.

The international community is looking closely at this reform process, and for the moment it includes us on its agenda, but it does not integrate us. To that end, we need to take the decision to recast some aspects of our social and political relations.  We don't want to be damned, we want to be successful. Only in this way can we develop as a nation and as a society .  Integration into global productive and economic processes implies a consistent policy and a vision of our country as part of global value chains.

Argentina's current challenge is to overcome the processes of cyclical reforms in order to develop a vision for the future based on new social and political foundations that will enable us to exploit the national economic potential for the benefit of all Argentines.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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