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And why not?

What do we do wrong to not be one of the best countries to live in the world? Why don't we make it? What are we missing? What's the solution?

Politics and Economics

Why Argentines can't be world power?

Why can't we have a country without acrack ? Without ten times more unions than needed and with billion-dollar trade unionists and workers poor. Where people don't squeeze. Or perpetuate themselves in power. Where they file affidavits of tax like all workers. And don't stop you for anything, just because you're politically opposed to the government. Paros they only hold the porteños hostage.

Where it is written that we cannot be a rich country, that does not need to give social plans. Don't give them through political pointers, to those who vote for the party to which the pointers respond. A country where the aid of the state is for the one he works for, but he finds it difficult to make ends meet. With a large family for the rest. An Argentina where the poor don't have children to collect from the state. Let them have only those who can maintain and educate well. Without taking them to marches in Buenos Aires. Marches to those who go without knowing why. Because they don't tell them. But they give them some money.

In public schools where teachers attend classes 95% of days. Theydo not indoctrinate students with the dogmas of any political party. Where they don't lie. And they are trained to teach better and better. Because an educated people is not a subdued people. If teachers do not help educate, they are complicit in the misery of the people.

How can it be?

How can a country be dignified and free if justice is partial? If the perpetrator has more rights than the victim. And let us not blame the abandoning society for the evils of all those who commit crimes . Because just as some go out to steal, hundreds of thousands more, under the same conditions, choose to put their backs and work. How can Judges, who do not pay exorbitant salary earnings, administer Justice to the poor? And how can they respond to a political party?

Why can't Argentina be a drug-free country? If until 2000 we were . Why do we have to watch our boys die at the hands of Paco? Or at the hands of other kids who kill innocent people, stunned by the Paco. How can drug trafficking have reached the villages and we did nothing? How is it possible that there are so many drug bunkers in the

Publication Date: 24/10/2019

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By: Ana M. Gastaldi 20 December, 2019

Hola Victoriano! Quiero felicitarte, no solo por la redacción de una nota cuyo contenido posee un elevado tinte socio político, sin que tenga un color partidista... También, por la “altura“ con que expresas una realidad categórica, que nos avergüenza como sociedad, pero que a su vez inspira una luz de esperanza a sabiendas que es posible, no dije fácil... Gracias por tus maneras, pero por sobretodo, por ofrecernos un mensaje + que procura generar conciencia.

Por: Victoriano Barragan 06 February, 2020

En respuesta a Ana M. Gastaldi

Hola Ana! antes que nada, mil disculpas por no haber podido contestarte antes. Mil gracias por tus palabras. Son muy importantes y alentadoras. Un saludo!

By: Miguel Campos 20 January, 2020

Victoriano, me dejaste sin palabras... Te felicito por la nota. Expresas esperanza, sin caer en la monotemática partidista, auspiciando una luz de esperanza. Salud!

Por: Victoriano Barragan 06 February, 2020

En respuesta a Miguel Campos

Estimado Miguel: muchísimas gracias por tus palabras. Lamento mucho no haber podido contestarte antes. Saludos.

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