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Patero wine: the most our wine

The patero wine, characteristic of northern Argentina, is our oldest and most traditional wine. Do you want to know what
| 02 July, 2019 |

The vino patero is, without a doubt, an Argentine registered trademark. It is the most natural of all and, even today, its process of craftsmanship is maintained. Its name leaves no doubt: “paws” are used to produce it. I mean, they step on the grapes with their feet, literally.

Initially, the technique was reduced to stepping on the grapes on cow leather and collecting the resulting must. It was deposited in clay pots to give rise to fermentation. Finally, magic: the natural juice of the grape was transformed into the precious wine. There were no leaks, only the decanting itself. Over time, animal leather was replaced by bilets and boots began to be worn. But the patero wine still maintains its method and its validity.

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