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Traditional bars that reopened in quarantine

This is 15 historic bars in the city of Buenos Aires that came back to work with the desks facilities.

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With flaps and respecting social distancing, you can now visit these 15 notable bars in the city of Buenos Aires: Bar El Sur , located in the United States 299, San Telmo; Bar El Federal , located in Carlos Calvo 595, San Telmo; Miramar, located in Sarandí 1190, San Cristóbal; Bar De Cao , located at Av. Independencia 2400, Balvanera; La Buena Measura , located in Suarez 101, La Boca; El Mailbox , located in Esquiú 1393, Nueva Pompeii; El Estaño 1880 , located in Aristobulo del Valle 1100, La Boca; Esquina Homero Manzi , located at Av. San Juan 3601, Boedo; Café Margot , located at Av. Boedo 857, Boedo; El Viejo Mailbox , located in Neuquén 1100, Caballito; Stylo Café , located in Fernández de Enciso 3934, Villa Devoto; Café de García , located in Sanabria 3302, also in Villa Devoto; Café El Tokio , located at Av. Alvárez Jonte 3550, Villa Santa Rita; Bar Cooperativa Alé , located in Cabrera 4270, Palermo; and Café Palacio , located at Av. Federico Lacroze 3902, Chacarita. These classic porteños have exclusive open spaces to cater to their customers safely.

Publication Date: 01/10/2020

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