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Farewell to Enrique Santos Discépolo

The musician, composer and playwright died on December 23, 1951 at the age of 50.

Enrique Santos Discépolo was an Argentine composer, musician, playwright and filmmaker. It was also known as Discepoline. His brother, Armando Discépolo, was a theatrical director and playwright. Discépolo is especially remembered for composing several of the so-called “fundamental tangos”, or “tangos de oro”, among which stand out Yira, yira (1929), Cambalache (1934), Uno (1943), and Cafetín de Buenos Aires (1948), in which he crystallized the writer's lyrical vein, and which ended up with give you great prestige. Norberto Galasso, one of Discépolo's most renowned biographers, said that his life “was a permanent tear apart in an unjust society [...] only understandable within the framework of the suffered Argentina of the twentieth century.”

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