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National symbols

We share the four national symbols that represent us and their most relevant information.
25 January, 2020

The Flag

The first country teaches is the National Flag. Created by General Manuel Belgrano on 27 February 1812, it was consecrated with the same colors “light blue and white” by the Congress of Tucumán on July 20, 1816 and ratified by the same body in Buenos Aireson February 25, 1818.

To glorify it, Congress passed, on June 8, 1938, a law that establishes as Flag Day – and declares it a holiday – June 20, the anniversary of the death of its creator.

The Official Flag of the Nation has its colors distributed in three horizontal bands, two celestial and one white in the middle, in whose center is reproduced the figurative Sun of the gold coin of eight escudos and the silver coin of eight reales that is engraved on the first Argentine coin. The color of the sun is the yellow of gold.

The Cockroach


a result of a spontaneous attitude, in May 1810, the present national colors began to be used in the National Scarlet whose use was recognized on February 18, 1812, at the request of the Triumvirate.

Feliciano Antonio Chiclana,Manuel de Sarratea, Juan José Paso and Bernardino Rivadavia (as secretary) sent the Joint Chiefs of Staff the text in which resolves and recognizes the use of the National Escarapela of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, declaring itself as “the two colors white and blue sky; and abolishing the red with which they were previously distinguished. It is communicated to V. S. for the purposes of this resolution.”

The Shield

The Argentine Shield is the faithful reproduction of the Seal used by the Sovereign General Constituent Assembly of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata , ordered by this Assembly on March 12, 1813.

Until the Constituent General Assemblywas installed on 31 January 1813, there was no seal to legislate governmental acts. The actual weapons that were stamped on documents during the Viceroyalty were used.

In response to this need, the Assembly began to use the seal that today constitutes our National Shield.

As testimony to this, two letters of citizenship issued by the Assembly on February 22, 1813 are preserved, containing the shield stamped in sealing: one of them is preserved in

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