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Zeta Bosio and the paths of music

When it comes to music, everything transforms

The paths of music are not always linear. Music is an entity that is constantly changing; genres intersect, step on, overlap, merge.  Artists  also change paths, taking shortcuts, diagonals and passages. They discover new routes and, in the process, build new streets.

Something like this happened to  Zeta Bosio , the eternal  bass player of   Soda Stereo  , who crossed from  rock to  electronics ; from playing music to playing it. Experiences differ and feed themselves: they are different ways of living music, whatever their genre. For  Zeta , the distinction is clear.

“  Music  is not the same when you play it and play it, there is a difference. When you touch a song you can do it a million times and you always add an ingredient to it, it's like cooking it. Instead, when you passed a topic six times, you get bored, you want to change, it's like the tracks get in and out of the list faster.“

Those paths that cross led  Zeta Bosio  to form, after many years, a new  band . And put the bass back on.  Shoot The Radio , the duo that leads with Fernando Montemurro , is the result of the musical experimentation that went through over the years: a mix between electronics and progressive rock   . The evidence that, when it comes to music, everything transforms.

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