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Wine and music, with good view

A new edition of the classic Mendocino music cycle is coming. It is about tasting a good wine, accompanied by good music, on the most dizzying terraces.

In Mendoza  we worship wine . We are experts in realizing ideas, a priori, more impossible. It's just that wine deserves it, it's in our DNA. That is why in December “Music and Wine in the Heights” came back. However, the big event this summer is what is going to happen later this month.   

 This cycle takes place several years ago on the seventh floor of the City Municipality building.  There is the “Terrace Garden Mirador”. It is, really, a real viewpoint of our City, with a postcard showing only a few buildings erecting between the tops of the greenest and leafy  trees . Everything, with the  Andes Mountain Range in the background.   The event usually runs through the months of January, February and March, every Thursday evening. However, for now, the announcement is for  Thursday, January 28.  

This entertainment option for Mendoza has been awarded with a gold medal at the Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism Awards.  Hundreds of people, including locals and tourists, arrive to taste a good wine, without the need to be a great taster or connoisseur of this spirit drink. And, too, they listen to very good music without the exclusive condition of being experts in the subject. Because, in short, everyone can interpret these expressions as they fill them most. Thus, at some point, they became almost 350 attendees to the event. And this also has to do with the fact that admission is free and free. The proposal varies day after day, with a particular musical genre and a varital wine that, according to the organizers, accompanies this type of music in the best way.

Among the large number and variety of bands and musicians who have passed through the terrace Jardin Mirador, we can highlight the Municipal Orchestra, as well as  folklore artists  , boleros, music and music. aacute; sica, tango, jazz and many other styles.  

After this activity returned to the agenda in December, on Thursday, January 28, at 8 pm, the Mirador Garden Terrace of  the City of Mendoza City Municipality will once again be the perfect setting for an ideal time.  The City, along with the Wine Fund, invite you to enjoy this new edition, with the most exquisite Mendoza wines and live music by talented artists from the province. On this occasion,  the musical duo composed of Cynthia Lozada and Marcelo Sánchez will be performed, performing genres such as bossa nova and jazz.   Your music will sound surrounded by the imposing 360° view offered by the municipal terrace.

The activity will be free, but with  limited quota , to respect the protocols and health care. Those who wish  to participate can register from Monday 25, at 9:00 ( click here to access the form ). If vacancies are completed, they may send an email to to stay on the waiting list. Municipal staff will be responsible for confirming the reservation of the place in case of any cancellation.

Time and place: Terrace Mirador de la Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Mendoza. 9 de Julio 500, City.  At 20 hours.  


Within the framework of the pandemic and the protocols that must be adhered to in order for such events to continue to happen, it is necessary, as a public, to adhere to these recommendations: use of mandatory  cap  , maintain distancing among the attendees, bring your own bottle of water. In addition, it is necessary to know that the duration is 1 and a half hours. You must arrive 15 minutes in advance and, if possible, wear a coat (night).

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