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Why Soda Stereo changed Argentine rock

Soda Stereo emerged as a cosmopolitan band in a national rock in which everyone sought to be contentious. Cerati's creative head.


In the early 1980s, Argentine rock exploded. After being silent for many years by the dictatorship, he returned to say everything that had been kept. Between that boiling of letters and sounds, something different from the rest appears. A new band, yes, like so many others, but different from all: Soda Stereo.

In the context of a rock that was more linked to folklore and protest songs, they arrived, three boys from north of the Gran Buenos Aires that brought a new sound, attitude and staging for Argentina and Latin America. “British” sounds, an electronic and pop atmosphere that was far from what was being heard at the time. The success was instantaneous.

Behind this magic, there was a creative head: Gustavo Cerati. Cerati absorbed influences from different genres and turned them into his music. It never sounded like that, because it was constantly evolving. It was always renewed, therefore it always sounded “modern”. Cerati decided to be cosmopolitan when others sought to be contentious. It was popular and sophisticated at the same time. And that was the big difference and what catapulted Soda Stereo into eternity.

She used my head as a revolver - Dream Stereo (1995)

To pay tribute to one of the bands of Argentine and Latin American rock, we leave you this selection of 6 Soda Stereo songs.

Spring 0 - Dynamo (1992)

American Blind - Signs (1986)

In the City of Fury - Double Life (1988)

Light Music - Animal Song (1990)

Publication Date: 16/11/2019

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