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What is a correntino doing among 5 Tibetans?

Correntino tenor Manuel Núñez Camelino performs a particular meditation rite for his concerts. We give you a clue: it has to do with Tibetans.

Maybe not everyone knows him, but   El correntino Manuel Núñez Camelino is one of the most important tenors in our country   . Originally from the province of Corrientes, Camelino currently resides in Europe, where he offers his fantastic voice to the world. Being tenor is not an easy task. Naturally, it requires having the gift. But, in addition, a lot of discipline, dedication, iron health and, in the case of Correntino, Tibetans. At least five of them.

The tenor, like any athlete, works with his body. His voice is the source of his art, it is the tool of work. That's why her career depends on taking care of her. And, as everyone knows, to care for the vocal cords, you need to take care of the body from all possible points of view.

Manuel had been doing a routine that included physical exercise and a good diet.   But I had a problem: I wasn't very lover of the gym   . So? Then he met the five Tibetans and everything changed.

  What are the 5 Tibetans?  

The “5 Tibetans”   are a series of exercises that have existed for 2500 years and are regularly practiced by Tibetan monks   . They are often referred to as the “fountain of youth”, which explains the longevity and good health of the monks. “The title may seem too bombantating. But the truth is that Tibetan monks don't usually look old,” said the young Correntino.

  Camelino explained that the routine of the 5 Tibetans is not about rare postures   , but they are simple exercises that have an incredible effect on the body. That is precisely why they are so accessible to everyone. El Correntino said that every morning he practices routine in a park near the place where he resides. It starts early, when the sun rises.

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