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Two legendary stars of the catwalk, today very well established in the music world

Carolina Peleritti will publish her first solo EP in a few days, while Deborah de Corral, the notable singer of Gustavo Cerati and Charly Alberti, is writing songs for her third solo album.

Monumental figures in the early 90s imposed their privileged physicists in a context of national  fashion  that enthusiastically awaited a replacement of figures. They reached the highest they could aspire in that profession and years later entered the audiovisual orbit in different ways, setting weekly agenda, surprising the prejudiced media and leaving the certainty that they were steadfast beyond the enormous pressures that meant forging a path of its own in industry before the intriguing crossing of millennia, that was scaring with the acronym Y2K. Carolina del Carmen Peleritti and Deborah de Corral became known in the last decade of the millennium, when the demand for an industry engaged in clothing fought an unparalleled combat. Nobody imagined that, twenty years later, the huge industrial context in music and gastronomy would have them as very prominent references. Pretty girls grew up and today they look different ways in an obviously very competitive world.


Carolina del Carmen Peleritti came to the challenging and hectic world of fashion with Francisco “Pancho” Dotto and was enough for a couple of seasons to become a top place in the consideration of brands, companies and other links in this industry. He worked enough years to forge himself an appropriate life path, but also in the free time he studied without hesitation acting with Norman Briski and Julio Chavez. Cinema and television set their eyes not only on the most forceful morocha of the obvious turnover of millennia, but on an interpreter who put all his passion in that mettier, times in which he filmed with Eliseo Subiela. Eduardo Milewicz, Juan Taratuto and Lucía Puenzo, years in which the small screen also became interested in a woman with powerful histrionic structure and infarcting packaging from any analysis. From the early 90s and until last year, he made 17 television projects and won a South Award for his performance in the film “Who says it's easy? ”, a feature film in the company of renowned actor Diego Peretti.



Her passion for music since she was young, when her mother took her to see Mercedes Sosa in her remembered recitals, encouraged her interest in concerts and also for every CD that was published in a prolific time for the industry. In the late 90s he lived a warm sentimental relationship with Luis Alberto Spinetta, resisting without lobbying the obvious stupidities of the farandulero media crazy with that couple. As her raids were growing in film and TV, she began to deepen her interest in music by studying, but the right coup was in charge of Jaime Torres, who in 2009 summoned her to join the project “Tantanakuy”, where she let her friends and curious people perceive that the woman had a throat with personality to say his thing. That friendship with the top charanguista in our country and his love for folklore, slowly gave rise to an artistic inclination that soon after the end of 2019 found her preparing her solo debut, accompanied by his friends and artistic partners of that season. Like everyone else, the pandemic stopped him all the orchestrated maneuver he had developed for his solo musical start, something he resumed in recent months without thinking about it for a second.


The point is that Carolina del Carmen Peleritti already has her first solo EP about to be published, something that will happen next week, material called “Aleteo”, such the name of one of the two songs she composed, interesting musical concept where the six compositions that make it up show that that attractive woman who at the time earned a privileged place deservedly in the orbit of fashion, now has the necessary weapons to stop entering through the eyes and provoke fascination in the ears, a shocking novelty where it is analyzed. “Flutter” is a huayco, but the different and captivating songs that accompany him, propose a seductive journey through sonic terroirs of remarkable sensitivity, something that can be perceived in “Verde romero”, “El sigpiro” (along with Peteco Carabajal), “Zamba del rebirth”, “Coplas para the moon” and “Ay mis tiempos”, a great presentation bouquet for a lady who at 50 dusted her vocal topaz for a very captivating musical start from any analysis.


This six-song album was produced by Daniel Martin, recorded and mixed by the duo Panda Elliot/Coca Monte, sensitive works that were mastered by legendary sound engineer Eduardo Bergallo. The release of these songs is the result of a long years in which Carolina cultivated her link with singing, first with the discovery of her own voice, after which she traveled active stages from all corners of the country, along with the great masters who encouraged her to follow that path, Enthusiastic about the very imminent release of the EP on digital platforms, the model, actress and singer states that “it was a process in which I was searching intuitively, coming very blind, wishing, choosing. The road itself led me. Choosing music as a language was very certain, there was no doubt. To have incorporated resources, to know my voice, pull it out, make it braver to speak, to announce, to sing; that was learning, knowledge. I asked myself, “Who am I singing? “and the answer came and was intertwined with going to the past, to childhood, to listen to folklore; my mother took me to see Mercedes and the choice was there, so I chose this genre and I'm happy.”



In Deborah de Corral's case, things had a different way. As a  model  she became a woman of imposing attitude, sensuality exploiting at spurring, but also revealing infrequent sympathy and looseness in the modeling industry, which earned him early a seductive call to drive on television. In 1995, with the hand of the production company “Cuatro Cabezas”, he led the cycle “El Rayo” and among it added to the new aesthetic of filming and editing of the cycle, became one of the most remembered cheerleaders on the small screen, with a historical format of which today continues to be watered to generate new structures on television. The most famous media experience was his participation in the album “Plum”, recorded and performed with his then partner, drummer Charly Alberti ( Soda Stereo ) in 1995, but the Artist with the distance of time does not remember him so pleasantly, even though he highlights the experience of starting his musical career. Later she formed the group “Imperfectos” with keyboardist Ezequiel Araujo (Avant Press), but her career in this area would have a special circumstance a few years later when she served as a conductor on the cable channel “El Gourmet”, where she also showed her eacute; n his passion for gastronomy and a surprising range of knowledge about it.


His participation in the album “Siempre es hoy” by  Gustavo Cerati  (Soda Stereo), with whom he had a sentimental relationship at the beginning of the millennium, is one of the most attractive and remembered performances by the singer, when she was also part of the long-awaited official album for two nights at the Teatro Gran Rex. Negotiating with an unthinkable number of labels her solo debut, finally it was Warner Music the label that managed to convince her to publish her debut film “Nuno o una eternity”, but to the great surprise of the industry, the beautiful singer was summoned by the Australian group INXS to join the duet album with figures from all over the world, when he joined the legendary performers to record a reversal of “New Sensation”. The wave between Deborah and the island's great pop band lasted when she was invited to play that song at the  Vancouver Winter Olympics . 2011 was his demolishing year: he participated with INXS in his Argentina recital in February at Luna Park where he lived a memorable delusion of enthusiasm, released his first solo album and almost at the end of the year was supporting number of Lenny Kravitz, a spectacular season that bordered the best parts Cinderella's.


Some lobbies with the labels, in times where the platforms began to give the novelty, delayed her in the release of her second work “Piel”, finally published by PopartMusic, which allowed her to maintain her response with multiple audiences, time where she taloneted stars such as Natalia Lafourcade among others. At the end of the last decade, he settled in Los Angeles for strict sentimental reasons and from there began a going and coming with Argentina, where he qualified his appearances in acoustic format with his culinary passion, driving an entertaining cycle of meals with guests by Viacom-Telef& eacute;, every Sunday at the end of Susana Giménez's program. Before the pandemic she traveled to the United States and the disembarkation of this sanitary adversity found her in North American land developing her attractive facet as a cook, achieving a remarkable response not only in the networks, but also preparing menus for distinguished gastronomy venues in the top cities of the Yankee territory. Obviously the curiosity of fans who follow their musical career entered a cone of shadows, but the artist indicated on her social networks that she is shaping what will be her third solo album, with no date of recording or publication, but that, between food and food, advances with quality and great hierarchy that has characterized his musical performance around the world.

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