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Trifulca returns to the scene with his new proposal of contemporary tango

Trifulca, convoluted tango, will be presented next Saturday 20, at 20.30 in the cultural space Panda Rojo, in the neighborhood of Almagro.

Trifulca vuelve

Trifulca, an ascending and provocative formation of  contemporary tango , will be presented next Saturday 20, at 20.30. It will be in the cultural space Panda Rojo (Sarmiento 3096), in the Almagro neighborhood of Buenos Aires City.

The group integrates with Diego De Charras (guitar and arrangements), Irene Frydenberg (vocals), Federico Kersner (bandoneon), Lorena Silva Paiva (viola) and Horacio Bazzi (double bass).

“We have a timbral formation that is not completely strange to tradition, but which is not completely canonical either. And we play with two elements that, although they have a background in the history of tango, they do not have a strong presence.  Humor  and social and political criticism,” explained De Charras about the musical proposal of Trifulca, tango convolvado.

“We started with a more traditional relationship with tango and its subgenres (waltz, milonga). Then advance to  candombe  and some derivation of the  chamamé  . We were incorporating little by little versions of Argentine  rock  and  folklore  in time of tango. Then, adding own compositions or contemporary authors,” he added.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 17/07/2019

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