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Tonolec, the Chaqueño group that claims the songs of the native peoples

The duo Tonolec merges the electronic with the original songs of the Toba peoples. His songs bring together a unique repertoire.

The  Tonolec  group was born to make the native songs of the Toba peoples listen to. Charo Bogarín  and Diego Pére  z, members of the group, compose  songs  in both languages: Castilian and Toba, forming a unique style.

This duo is also inspired by national folklore, such as Atahualpa Yupanqui, Ramón Ayala and Ariel Ramírez. His mode of work is that of composing as a team. For his part,  Diego  makes the electronic bases and  Charo  plays  charango , piano and nvique (violin of tuba origin). In this way, artists mix the new with the ancestral, forming an exquisite alliance that, through their music, manage to make visible the roots of the original peoples.

 How Tonolec is born 

 Charo Bogarín  and Diego Pérez  met in 2000 thanks to a mutual friend, and since then began to work together. They decided to merge the electronic songs and the original songs of the Toba peoples that, in their songs, are intertwined. As if fate exists, each on its side, with a history related to music and art, the universe united them, forming the duo  Tonolec .

 Diego  is from Resistencia,  Chaco , music has always been his great ally. He played instruments since his childhood and since he was a child already composed songs. When he turned 18 he began studying musical composition at the University of Córdoba.

 Charo , from Clorinda,  Formosa , sang from a very young age, and formalized his relationship with music after going through journalism and dancer careers. She is the great-granddaughter of a Guaraní chief, and she lives up to her origins through music. She is also the daughter of a father who disappeared in the last military dictatorship and, through her songs, she has turned her story into a real art.

Before the name Tonolec arose, this group was called Laboratorio Wa, at that time it was an electronic pop group. With their music they were awarded in the Fémina Rock competition of MTV and traveled to Spain thanks to that award. This experience led them to share stage with María Gabriela Epumer, Julieta Venegas and Aterciopelados, among other great artists.

From that moment on, they realized that their songs did not transmit or did not represent their origins and identity. For this reason, and without giving up the electronics, they began to work with the tuba songs. They were linked to the communities of Chaco and Derqui, in the province of Buenos Aires. They also learned from the singing and dancing rounds of the Tobas men's and women's choir where they used it as a basis for their own musical production. In addition, they added historical material that they had researched in the course of this new project that was so excited about them.


The first album is named after the band,  Tonolec , and was released in 2005.Then they released  Prayer of the black tree (2008),    Los pasos tilled (2010), the  acoustic DVD Tonolec (2011) and  Cantos de la tierra sin mal (2014). On their last album they were accompanied by renowned artists  Teresa Parodi  and  Peteco Carabajal  , and took their songs to the Konex Cultural City ,  where they made a presentation where several disciplines converge, including a children's choir.

Also, the duo is usually accompanied by six musicians; and in their shows they are presented as  Tonolec octet .

 In search of the sun 

 “ Hey, native blood runs through my veins, it's sweet, it's warm, with a kiss it activates, I'm entering a civilized space, quantized, there's nothing,... armed, and I'm still looking for shelter from the white man. I'm not prostrate at your feet, I wear the mark on my skin. And even if you destroy my being, my soul will not catch it” , expresses a fragment of the song “In search of the sun”, which you will be able to enjoy soon at the concert that will give the chaco Formoseño group Tonolec, this Saturday November 7 at 22 via streaming from the mythical stage of Torquato Tasso, where the duo will take a tour of their songbook in native languages and in Castilian.

If you want to be part of the show, you can go to the following link to get your tickets: 

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