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Three DJs for you to set up your own home party

We leave you three DJ productions from Mendoza to put them to ring at home and set up your own electronic party, quarantine.

Have you heard everything you're interested in on Spotify? Doesn't YouTube have anything new to offer you? If you're a fan of electronic music, or you're open to listening to new things, we recommend   three must-see materials from Mendoza DJ.   Some are live touches and others are studio productions. Turn off the lights, put a blue cellophane on the night and freak.

  Beat Pulse - BSC Music Rocío Portillo  

  Beat Pulse   is an electronic music program that takes place in   BSC Music Studio located in the Botellón Mza,   a bar with lots of vibes located in the City. We leave you the presentation of one of the most important DJs of the moment, Rocío Portillo. Listen to him here.


  Techno Army - Luca Napoli  

Techno Army is a new project that unites producers of the   under   on the same streaming channel. Listen to Luca Napoli here.


  Reverie - Perspective Vol. 1  

The people of Reverie leave us a material   must-see to give you play and release the night   . This is the first edition of his Perspective material. A fabulous track.


  What could not be  

Fans of electronic music in Mendoza will have to settle for these productions and everything that can be heard on the web and on different platforms. It's just that they were very excited about the month of May. At the end of the fifth month of the year the presence of two international high-flying DJs was expected.   On May 24, at Gran Hotel Potrerillos, Henry Saiz, Hernán Cattaneo, and other DJs were scheduled to be present. Regrettably, the quarantine forced the suspension of the event,   which is waiting for a new date.

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