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The swan song of Indio Solari debuted in Epecuén with serious streaming problems

The recital recorded by The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning provoked controversy among commercial subscribers, an extensive filming that was released on another digital platform, opening up a controversy between the transmitting company and the support group of the ricotero leader.

Indio Solari

Seeking to be innovative even in the new technologies applied in the traumatic pandemic times, the followers of the Redonditos de Ricota had a pretty bad time last Saturday, when they saw the recital recorded in  Epecuén  with the support group of the controversial singer, the technical problems became insurmountable altering the broadcast of the show recorded several days earlier in that locality Buenos Aires. All the previous elements in this kind of broadcast over the Internet foresaw the obvious collapse that occurred, but, as no one takes care of certain things that occurred, now adds a new point of conflict in the history of a well-known artist who already has several dozen of them, accumulated in a prolonged a career plagued by dramatic episodes, confrontations and, above all, people who died around the performance of recitals.


The recital of The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning that was to be seen on Saturday, April 17 by the ticketek platform at 21 hours, as expected, failed to overcome the drawbacks that meant the volume of people looking to connect to that platform, which caused the same to collapse provoking the complaint of those who had paid for the streaming of the recital ricotero. What happened this last weekend even served to revive the Redondos- Soda fight, as the fans of the latter band decided to spend the  Solari  followers saying that not even to do things wrong are pioneers. What happened this pandemic weekend, already had antecedents for those who followed the formation that then returned in 2007 with a historic series of concerts throughout the American territory.


The joke is very predictable: the Argentine group that transcended borders becoming an unavoidable benchmark for Latin America, stumbled on Saturday, September 20, 1997 at the River Stadium with a similar technical episode. Under the backing of the production company Cuatro Cabezas and Charly Alberti's operational coordination, Cerati's followers and company suffered connectivity problems with the live broadcast of the farewell titled “The Last Concert”, a show that on computers looked quite similar to the landing of Apollo 11 in a valley of the Moon. Just 25 years of that digital embarrassment passed and the accompanying musicians from the Indian suffered that terrible problem, forgetting what the most important group on the continent lived a quarter of a century earlier. The problem that affected the broadcast of something recorded, because what happened with Soda was live, made it clear that no one estimated that would culminate with a thunderous controversy, when the artistic producers of the band “solarista” decided to bypass this event of the original platform broadcast ndolo after 23:30 on his official YouTube account.


Indian Solari


The concert, as is happening with all the performances involving the controversial leader of the band dissolved two decades ago, resulted in a scandal because all those who paid their entry to have an access code to watch the recital, obviously got very angry when the  Solari  's escort band decided without much analysis or evaluation of consequences, transmit that recorded show some days

free of charge on the YouTube platform that has the Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning. The concert recorded in a town razed by the floods of the year 1985, after 23:45 totaled more than 90,000 followers watching it unpaid, while those who had disbursed significant sums of money to observe it within the structure of the trading platform, did not hide their outrage in view of what happened, an issue that is not new either. It should be recalled that, in the latest recitals of the singer and leader of the ricotero group with the presence of its iconic vocalist, the number of people who, thanks to very violent pressure or attitudes towards private security teams managed to enter these performances without paying entrance, these violations caused the lagging of the singer and the leader of the ricotero group. oacute; gical anger of all those who scammed in their good faith paid high figures of money to witness these concerts.


The controversy is growing even more, as part of the revenue to see the show by the platform of the renowned company Ticketek, was destined for a percentage of what was obtained for “Artists for Patagonia”, a group that works in the enormous reconstruction of Andean regions. razed by the last intentional that occurred in that territory of southern Argentina. The dilemma of all those who acquired their ticket to contribute to the prominent cause, clashes with the discomfort of what happened, because this extensive recital filmed in Epecuén can be seen by the customers of the electronic ticket office until Sunday, May 2 using the original purchase code, but it has not been possible. jically also by all those who access the YouTube account of the accompanying group of the vocalist ricotero, having been placed that performance after the foreseeable technical mess. In the most famous observation site in the world, there are no filters or extra charge for access, a dilemma nobody contemplated by keeping that extensive live video of what happened in this southern city of Greater Buenos Aires. Those responsible for the group that accompanied the renowned vocalist of the ricotero ensemble, had anticipated that they would notify those involved of the technological mishap about compensation for what happened, but with the passage of the hours it is not ruled out that a bath of protocolar silence covers everything until its uacute; last sequels.


Indian Solari


Last Saturday's concert was a foreseeable reiteration of the live format that this formation has developed since  Carlos “El Indio” Solari  officially announced that leaving all live performances until further notice, after proving very serious health problems in the leader and founder of this “ricotero subgroup of nostalgic evocation”. This new presentation of the group without its leader, now in the town of Villa Epecuén under the title of “A los pájaros”, left unaware of its involved in the face of the possible collapse that could happen before an event of such a call, but as it comes happening with all the shows that have Solari as the protagonist, this kind of inconvenience was brutally underestimated putting ahead a matter of passion that did not cause a lot of grace to those who disbursed several thousand in Argentine currency to watch this failed streaming. The insurmountable technical problems with so many people trying to connect to this broadcast caused as expected countless complaints from the public that they had paid a ticket to obtain an access code, tension that generated that the guitarist of the group Gaspar Benegas anticipated on his Twitter page that this expected show would look yes or yes that night, and that this event would be released by the YouTube page if the problem was not fixed.


It was so, that after 23.30 hours, finally the accompanying group announced on its Facebook page the decision made: “Friends via Ticketek, this show is impossible, respecting the tradition of which we are part, the concert will be today through the YouTube channel of @LosFundamentalistasOk. We sincerely appreciate all your support in the face of this complicated situation that happened to us. But today there's a show. Starting at 23.40 hours it will start on YouTube. Thank you all for the huge support, tomorrow we will give more explanation of what happened. Today to enjoy this party and this effort on both sides of the screen”, as expressed by the violero in the midst of the scandal that had unleashed with the technical collapse, to stream the concert recorded days ago in Villa Epecuén. At the close of this special report, the well-known company Ticketek had not yet provided details on how it will compensate those who paid tickets to watch this concert, an issue that obviously ends up hurting all firms that are engaged in the streaming business amid the ban on recitals with people at the place of performance. The truth is that the disintelligences that occurred during the night of Saturday 17 April on the platform could have been planned, taking into account the numerous and previous episodes that happened about attendees collapses in a streaming stream. If the systems in other months collapsed with events of 3500 to 5000 people connected, how would it not fly everything in the air with ninety thousand customers connected to the system, even a child would have warned it beforehand.


The swan song of Indio Solari debuted


Carlos “El Indio” Solari's decision to permanently withdraw from the stage is an idea that began at the beginning of the last decade, for various reasons that over the years were poking very slowly, both in statements by the artist to the accompanying entourage, as well as the result of some serious disintelligences that occurred in their shows, events in which deaths occurred several times that were directly or indirectly related to the organization of their recitals. From the traumatic death of Walter Bulacio to the exit of a Los Redondos concert at the Estadio Obras, to the death of a fan of the group on the River Plate playing field, after stabbing several attendees in that area of the stadium during a concert, the shows of this legendary band exhibited a level of truly regrettable control, which was witnessed not only in other concerts of this band in Racing, Huracán, the Marplatense World Cup Stadium José Minilla and Tandil, but also on numerous dates of Carlos Solari as a soloist performer, showing very latent the death of two people in the show that the musician offered in Olavaria during 2017, the result of the disorder that reigned in an open air site where the limit capacity of spectators was exceeded by more than 250,000 people. Accused by relatives of the deceased, rebuked by other music groups and placed in the news spotlight by means that were not complicit in unorganized recitals, the idea of abandoning the stage in the artist quickly grew in his thoughts and elucubrations.


During 2015, in a commendable and careful informative production by businessman Mario Daniel Pergolini with his company Vorterix, Carlos “El Indio” Solari gave this radio and television animator an outstanding official interview that was part of a large documentary that was known through ; s of the digital site of that radio located in the serene area of Colegiales. During that talk, the musician confirmed to the driver of “What is” that he suffers from Parkinson's disease since early 2010 and that over the years has seriously impacted his physical reserves. Performing those treatments of a medical nature to mitigate the disease, for which there is no total review of this condition, the well-known singer-songwriter ricotero implied that his appearances would be more spaced until definitively leaving the scenarios. After the scandalous end of the show in Olavarría with people asking medical teams for help while all the attendees broke up fences to leave the place, Carlos Solari quietly assumed that there would no longer be too many live appearances with his affluent group, estimating himself in that time had come the time to offer one last show, something that the pandemic frustrated like so many things during the past season. Assuming that this situation would not have a return, the singer and songwriter urged his stage mates to continue with the recitals without his presence, asking that the band complied with, thus launching the recitals of The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning, many of them at the stadium Malvinas Argentinas in the neighborhood of La Paternal.


The swan song of Indio Solari debuted


Naturally the musician's followers began to turn these performances into the only way to exteriorize his passion for the ricotero leader, who surprisingly made his live appearance, but not in the way all his fans imagined. Taking advantage of new audiovisual technologies in concerts, something that Americans have recently been using, the Argentine structure applied the concept to enhance these usual appearances of Fundamentalists live. Just as these technology teams managed in the United States to place a holography of musical figures such as Maria Callas, Elvis Presley or Whitney Houston together with a group of live musicians, here in Buenos Aires the performers who accompanied the singer in the performances of this century appeared surprisingly playing live with an Indian hologram, which provoked irrepressible ovations at such concerts. During this last weekend, they decided to change the electronic gadget and Carlos Solari's image was projected on a screen, singing in sync with the musicians on the armed stage in Villa Epecuén.


In those 32 songs that the band played, two very special premieres came out. The first was “Praying solo”, with careful rock structure, while the second, called “Encounter with an amateur angel”, caused a very harsh emotional earthquake in people, with phrases like “I can no longer fulfill the exploits I promised, I only have to march singing”, iacute; rich who alludes to the artist's farewell to his faithful and fervent audience. Carlos Solari's appearance took a third step through all screens of the event, when he appeared to sing “Strangerdanger”, from the solo album “Nightingale, Love and Death”, before the classic “JiJiji” at the end. Beyond the serious problems that marked the concert that the Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning broadcast last Saturday, it was unofficially confirmed that the band will play again in a few months, an opportunity in which the leader of the Redondos will probably start once and for all which will be his “swan song”, as predicted in the book about his life written by author Marcelo Figueras a few seasons ago.


 Photos of the concert courtesy KVK and Press Show 

Publication Date: 23/04/2021

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