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The skates of the skates

A children's classic Mendoza that transcended ages and is an icon for everyone. Jorge Marziali immortalized “The Refalosa of the Skates”.


It's a children's song dating back to 1973. All the children of Mendoza, each in his time, listened to it and sang it at school. We all had some grandfather or uncle who grabbed the guitar, played it and gave us the most genuine smile. “La rfalosa de los skates” is a song well Mendoza, even poorly pronounced.

It's just that “refalosa” is a Mendoza word from its original “slippery”.It is one of the many erratic pronunciations we have as a people and, in the song, it is mentioned with pride .

Declared by its author, Jorge Marziali

“The song was composed in 1974 for my eldest daughter. The elements used are more or less self-referential: the father, the grandmother, the dirt streets with ditches,” Marziali told local newspaperEl Sol,before his death in 2017.

Regarding the gestation of the song, the singer-songwriter said: “It is pure inspiration like almost all songs. And there is also a desire there to do whatever we want without asking permission: 'You are going to get together for a day/ skating without permission. 'They were years of a lot of pressure on liberties, even in democracy. I was openly operating the terrorist organization called the '3 A' and that provoked me a certain rebellion that I think is in the song: 'Double for the Heras/as many times as I want. '”

Regarding the success achieved and the impact on the people, Marziali said: “People simply took it, they felt identified with the landscape and with the game proposed there. It was then proposed in some primary school books and that helped to spread it. Anyway, the luck of a song is unpredictable.”

As we have noticed in his statements, where the author quotes part of the lyrics of “La refalosa de los skate”, the song makes multiple references to streets and spaces of Mendoza that at that time, and today also, are typical places.

“Ride on a skate along San Martín Street and turn on Las Heras.” Two of the main streets of the City of Mendoza. Walking along Calle Las Heras or San Martín is a classic for the locals and tourists. It also mentions ditches and trees, common elements in any postcard in the center of the City.

In other verses reference is made to Guaymallén, Godoy Cruz and Palmira, authentic cities and towns in the province of Mendoza.

About Jorge Marziali

Experiodist and emblematic artist of Argentine popular music, the artist had settled in the town of Traslasierra in Cordoba with his companion Marita Londra, before dying at the age of 70, in 2017, victim of a heart attack .

He was the creator of songs such as “Cebollita y huevo”, “Los obreros de Morón”, “Ese Manuel que yo canto”, “Coplas para la libertad”, “Choose Creollos” and other songs that are part of the Argentine songbook.

While studying Journalism, he released his first album with four songs in 1972. He worked in thecity of Mendozaas editor of the newspaperClarínand thenewspaper El Diario, edited by journalist Jacobo Tímerman.

In 1993 he composed the soundtrack for the filmThe General and the Rush, in which he also appeared as an actor. In 1997 he received the first prize in the category “Song” in the competition for the thirty years of the death of Cuban Argentine commanderErnesto Che Guevara, for the song “The child of the star”.

In 1998 he made a concert tour in Havana. That same year, the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires declared him “Master of the Soul”.

Publication Date: 19/07/2020

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