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The rapper of the oppressed

Concordiate, rapper, 25 years old. In his songs he talks about poor people, homosexuals and women. Her name is Ximena Camino. Meet her.


In the world of rap, women are becoming increasingly prominent. At 25 years old, Ximena Camino raps in the Entrerrian stages with charisma, daring and style. The Portuguese teacher, who became a composer of powerful rhymes, talks about everything and keeps nothing. Oppression, poor, homosexuals, femicides, freedom and equality.

“Before women had to ask permission to play, important artistic places were occupied mainly by men. Now that doesn't exist anymore. The girls go, get on stage, do what they want to do and break it. There's no longer that situation of fear and shame. No, we can and deserve to be there, we can do it well, just like or better than any kid,”says Ximena.

Reality as inspiration

Ximena Camino is from Concordia, Entre Ríos. He tells that the inspiration to compose his music does not seek him, but is born to him. “I have to write it when it comes out, I can't write any day, when I feel like it. There are days that I write a lot and others that I test and test, but there is no way,” he confesses.

But its main inspiration comes from people's own reality. Of the Entrerrian anonymous minorities. In his latest video, “We are not intimidated” talks about La Bianca neighborhood. This is a very populous place in Concordia, with many working families and a village. Ximena recalls two situations that deeply touched her. The one of Josefina López, a girl who was missing for a long time and then appeared in dismemberment. And so was Mariela Costan, who was killed on the road to steal 100 pesos. “The two women were from La Bianca, the same neighborhood in which I was born. And we have a lot of sense of belonging,” said Ximena.

Your new video

Entrerriana rapper has just released her new video, “Don't intimidate us”, which can be seen on her YouTubechannel. The subject was played for the first time last November, within the framework of the Peña de Premios Escario. “Now I recorded it and accompanied the video with some images of Concordia, rehearsals, some show. It does not have great production, but is to make it more attractive when it comes to listening. He talks about people left outside. The song says: 'If you're fuckin', you're mine or villa', groups that are historically oppressed. I think it is a subject that touches me very particularly because it talks about how we are left out because of so many prejudices. It also happens with the bastard, with the villero,” said Ximena Camino.

The Entrerriana singer is the example of how women are now gaining places previously reserved exclusively for men. The oppressed and minorities, such as the poor, homosexuals, villains and harassed women, now have a new voice.

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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